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My bowl is empty. Someone should remedy this situation.

My bowl is empty. Someone should remedy this situation.

Hi, welcome to 20 Month, the hottest new restaurant in the area.

I’m Luke, and I’ll be taking care of you today. Just ignore all those food pieces in the table. That’s from previous meals. We believe hardened apple sauce and dried American cheese

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Dear Toddler: Revenge is on my mind

baby screaming after he was born

My dear, sweet boy:

As you’re laying face down in the Walmart check-out line, face planted, tears streaming, legs kicking, because I oh-so callously took away that bag of Combos from your hot little hands, you probably think my mind is on — oh, I don’t know — the myriad of diseases coating the

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My Proud Mommy Moment

I had to go back to work only eight weeks after Baby Blogworthy was born. Sucks, huh?

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you’ll remember the struggles we had with our original daycare provider, our second choice for a provider, and finding a new one. I’m proud to say, I think we found

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We’re here to see a man about some toys


Link up your favorite Holiday movies! #holidaymoviemania

“Come on, Baby Blogworthy, let’s go see Santa.”

“Yeah, let’s hand you over to a big fat man in a red track suit so you can beg for toys.”

When we put it that way, Santa sounds uber creepy.

Here we are, the Blogworthies, quickly approaching the

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Home for the Holidays


In ten days, Hubby and I will be digging out all our warm sweaters, clothes and gloves, packing the car and driving twelve hours with a year-old baby to visit our families in West Virginia.

I’m approaching this trip with trepidation and excitement. It’s strange to have those two emotions, changing sometimes hourly.


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Anatomy of a cake smash


First, he’s not so sure.

Really? You’re going to let me eat this cake? Nobody is stopping me? Oh this? Is the best.


Oh that’s the stuff.


I don’t even care that they put this stupid pirate hat on my head. Just let me eat this delicious cake.


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One Year

Dear Luke,

“I love that baby.”

If you were in Mommy and Daddy’s room at night, that’s what you’d hear more than once. Every night we gaze at the screen, awed by your tiny hands, a pacifier in one and your lovey in the other, your back rising and falling slowly in a deep

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No regrets


When I saw the prompt for this week’s Just Be Enough linkup was about something I don’t regret, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about.

To say the past 11 months have been full of change is an understatement. Motherhood wasn’t at all what I anticipated it would be — not in

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Life with my almost toddler in three parts

baby blogworthy with spaghetti all over his face

My life with an almost toddler in three part tidbits.

Part One

Me: Say Mama. MAMAMAMAMAMAM. Ma. Ma. Mama. Can you say that?


Part Two

Me: Your mouth is already full. Don’t put more spaghetti in your mouth. Swallow what you have.

Baby Blogworthy: *scoops another handful of spaghetti into

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How to eat an Oreo

This Vlog Talk video is based on the prompt “How do you eat an Oreo cookie?”

There was much more video of me pulling the cookie apart and eating the middle first, but it got lost in Web Cam Oblivion. This really gets down to the basics, though.

Did you like this?

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