Nine Braid Braided Braid


You guys, I can not NOT make fun of Pinterest. People just make it way too easy.

For instance, have you Pinterest fans noticed how people can’t shut up about braids? OMG, spice up your pony with a braid! Braid a small braid into your bun! Braid your bangs! Braid braid braid braid braid!

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Passion for refashion?

What do these things have in common?

They are all unwearable or thrifted clothes I’m going to refashion into awesomeness. Like, skirt and ruffle awesomeness.

(wait, that last one is a sewing machine,.)

I’ve made a deal with myself that I’d wear skirts every day this summer, but I’m also

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The magic of technology


My grandpa has three granddaughters, two great-grandaughters and this one little boy. He was so excited for a little testosterone in our family that he wanted to get Luke something super boy-ish for Christmas — a great big yellow dump truck, which Luke loves.

This right here? My 80-something grandpa

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Our 5th Anniversary Trip


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My new digs

It’s been about three months since I moved to my new office. It’s been a pretty smooth transition after the initial shock I felt with this big change in my life. I can honestly say I’m all the way around on the wheel of change and adapting nicely to my new digs.

Whereas my

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It’s gonna be a fun summer


When we bought our house almost three years ago, we looked at the backyard, the sparse grass, the sandy soil and the huge tree stump right in the middle and said “It’s a blank canvas.”

My Dad said “blank canvas” was code for “terrible backyard”, but we had a vision.

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Beach Baby

Me swinging my baby in the water

Last Sunday we went to the beach.

Did you know that living in Florida doesn’t mean you go to the beach all the time?

It’s true.

This was Baby Blogworthy’s first trip when he could walk by himself. This meant he could walk back to the ocean to splash every five minutes.

I think

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Disney Spring Break 2012


Our Disney Mini-Vacay wasn’t all bad. One of the coolest things about motherhood so far has been watching my baby see and experience new things — especially things I’ve been taking for granted for a long time.

Epcot is one. I’ve walked in so many times and never noticed the beauty of the main

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Just Like Daddy

baby daddy

Have you linked up with Drawestin: A DrawSomething Linkup yet? What are you waiting on! Open all month!

So, true story. My husband and I love our phones. I can’t remember my life without a smart phone in it; I don’t really want to. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve

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10 Celebrity Draw Something pics


I’m obsessed with a new game, people. It’s not Words with Friends. I used to like that then I discovered I’m kind of dumb and hate Scrabble.

I love me some Draw Something. It’s like Pictionary except you get letters instead of having to guess out of the blue. It’s pretty much the most fun thing

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