Savannah GA Virtual Tour

savannah virtual tour columbia square

Last week was Kelsey’s spring break, so we decided to take a short trip to our favorite place, Savannah GA. I don’t know what it is about that city that has me so  enchanted, but my husband and I can never get enough. Luke, however, can definitely get enough. Let’s just say our Savannah

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Bed shopping

furniture kingdom gainesville florida

A few weeks ago, Kel and I went bed shopping. Our old bed was a hand-me-down from some dear friends who sold all their stuff and moved without jobs because it was God’s plan for them and are now doing awesome (so if that isn’t a testimony, I dont’ know what is, but we’re

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Mini Deep Dish Pizza Recipe

mini deep dish pizza bites

My love of appetizers is deep and unending. There is no hurt in the world that can’t be cured with a whole mess of cheese fries or other types of potatoes covered in cheese. What about cheeses dips? Mini sliders? Tiny mushrooms stuffed with crab? Wontons? Make it tiny and it immediately tastes better. I

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Howdy partner


Last week I told Sarah at The Sunday Spill, the new cohost of #iPPP that I’d only missed a couple weeks since the original hosts started it. I realized today that if I didn’t post something today I’d totally be a liar. Lying is mean and not nice and I’m trying to

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How to advertise a garage sale for free


I used to hate garage sales. I couldn’t fathom why anyone would want the old junk I was throwing out. That is, until I decided thrifting is a way of life. Despite the insistance during my last yard sale two years ago that I would never, EVER have another, that I’d just

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Voyage of the Little Mermaid Full Ride

Voyage of the little mermaid

Y’all! To continue my  recap of awesome Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland, here is a little treat. Thanks to the magic of technology, we recorded the entire Voyage of the Little Mermaid full ride! Get a sneak peek before you go — or if you won’t be able to visit for awhile.The Voyage of the

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Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland Pictures

Saturday we were lucky enough to reserve a spot to see a preview of the Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland Preview at Walt Disney World.

We’re big Disney fans, and have had season passes about three out of the five years we’ve lived in Florida. My family made Walt Disney World a regular vacation spot,

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Think Pink Party

Luke eating pink cake

Next month marks two years since my Mom finished her chemotherapy for breast cancer. It also marks two years since my baby was born.

Those two events are intertwined in the fabric of our family story.

When my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, it was only a couple months after I

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A Very Pinterest Weekend


A few days ago, I rearranged and organized my Pinterest board and realized there were lots of amazing things that I intended to make but then didn’t.

I was faced with a free Saturday, breakfast visitors and a splurge day. All those things equal trying fattening recipes without worrying about calories. Here are some

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Staycation All I’ve Ever Wanted


What’s better than a long weekend? A long weekend with two extra days tacked on the front. Yes, I decided to give my compulsive paid time off a rest and got took off Thursday and Friday for a Staycation. Except, is it a Staycation if you spend one day at Disney?

Ok. Anyway. Since

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