How to spend a staycation

staycation feet up

I’m back from my staycation. As in, back in the groove and the swing and the ol’ routine, not “back” as in “back from a lovely trip to an exotic land” unless you consider the Walmart on NW 13th Street in Gainesville “exotic”, which I don’t. Actually, you will see some “wildlife” but not

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A Very Austin Christmas


¬†Hey, y’all, it’s getting festive up in the Austin Haus! I’m talking all kinds of festive.

Much mistletoe’in, you guys. MUCH.

Haul out your Christmas PJs in early December and sit under the tree kind of fun.

I’m talkin Christmas tree earring type

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Think Pink Party

Luke eating pink cake

Next month marks two years since my Mom finished her chemotherapy for breast cancer. It also marks two years since my baby was born.

Those two events are intertwined in the fabric of our family story.

When my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, it was only a couple months after I

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Dear Toddler: Revenge is on my mind

baby screaming after he was born

My dear, sweet boy:

As you’re laying face down in the Walmart check-out line, face planted, tears streaming, legs kicking, because I oh-so callously took away that bag of Combos from your hot little hands, you probably think my mind is on — oh, I don’t know — the myriad of diseases coating the

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The magic of technology


My grandpa has three granddaughters, two great-grandaughters and this one little boy. He was so excited for a little testosterone in our family that he wanted to get Luke something super boy-ish for Christmas — a great big yellow dump truck, which Luke loves.

This right here? My 80-something grandpa

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Our 5th Anniversary Trip


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I was a #SeniorHottie two


During last year’s #SeniorHottie, I showed you my senior picture. For this one, I wanted to show you just how tragic my hair and clothing really was. It was the late 90s. Please have some grace.

Many things I don’t understand about this picture, such as why

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It’s gonna be a fun summer


When we bought our house almost three years ago, we looked at the backyard, the sparse grass, the sandy soil and the huge tree stump right in the middle and said “It’s a blank canvas.”

My Dad said “blank canvas” was code for “terrible backyard”, but we had a vision.

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Beach Baby

Me swinging my baby in the water

Last Sunday we went to the beach.

Did you know that living in Florida doesn’t mean you go to the beach all the time?

It’s true.

This was Baby Blogworthy’s first trip when he could walk by himself. This meant he could walk back to the ocean to splash every five minutes.

I think

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When Friday the 13 strikes back

baby drinking a dole pineapple whip from the Magic Kingdom

Have you linked up with Drawestin: A DrawSomething Linkup yet? What are you waiting on! Open all month!

“Today is Friday the 13!”

“Yeah, I know. It doesn’t bother me, though. I turned 13 on Friday the 13!”

I overheard this conversation while I was waiting for my prescription to be

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