A Disney World Third Birthday

third birthday at disney world

Before I get into an extremely picture heavy #IPPP post, can we discuss for one hot mintue that my child IS THREE YEARS OLD? Um, how? I am not the first mama to say that and I certainly won’t be the last, but time is getting faster and faster. It’s amazing and heartbreaking. Motherhood

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My Toddler Won’t Eat and other musings

strategies for improving feeding toddlers

Today I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart — my toddler. My toddler won’t eat.

A few months ago, I wrote a hahafunny post about what it’s like to eat at my toddler’s exclusive restaurant, which at the time served a little of everything and a lot of

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FaceTime with Toddler


Monday and Thursdays are Baby/Daddy day. That means Kelsey takes care of the Toddler instead of sending them to daycare. They love each other and love their day together, but sometimes we do FaceTime with Toddler. It’s super fun.

We look at each other lovingly.

FaceTime with Toddler

Howdy partner


Last week I told Sarah at The Sunday Spill, the new cohost of #iPPP that I’d only missed a couple weeks since the original hosts started it. I realized today that if I didn’t post something today I’d totally be a liar. Lying is mean and not nice and I’m trying to

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Our favorite iPad games for toddlers


Let’s face it: if you have a child born in the last 10 years, tech is goign to be part of your world. I will tell you right here and now that I used to be the kind of person who looked at you, out at the restaurant with your child, who

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I’m the mother of a two year old.

I dont’ know how it happend. I mean, Ok, I know that there are twenty-four hours in a day, seven days in a week, twelve months in a year, and that time just keeps ticking no matter how much we’d like

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Not so scary Halloween


Pumpkin carving in a series of photos.

And then there was the trick-or-treating:

“Now what are you supposed to be little guy?” MURDER TRAIN.

Please look at the baby and not my boobs.

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Charlie Brown Halloween Costume for your Toddler

diy charlie brown halloween costume for toddlers

Last year, my baby dressed up like a zebra for Halloween. It was his first Halloween and we got the costume at a consignment sale. Although it’s Florida and still a billion degrees in October (and the outfit was fleece), we tugged it over his chubby little legs and collected candy that only we

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Operation No Paci

these pacifiers are the devil!

The following is a humorous recollection of how we weaned our toddler from his pacifier. Hopefully you will stumble on this post when you’re deep in pacifier weaning hell and find some comfort and humor in the situation. This too shall pass, Mama. 

September 6. 0100 hours.

Target is up and crying after falling

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Think Pink Party

Luke eating pink cake

Next month marks two years since my Mom finished her chemotherapy for breast cancer. It also marks two years since my baby was born.

Those two events are intertwined in the fabric of our family story.

When my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, it was only a couple months after I

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