Bed shopping

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A few weeks ago, Kel and I went bed shopping. Our old bed was a hand-me-down from some dear friends who sold all their stuff and moved without jobs because it was God’s plan for them and are now doing awesome (so if that isn’t a testimony, I dont’ know what is, but we’re

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Nine Braid Braided Braid


You guys, I can not NOT make fun of Pinterest. People just make it way too easy.

For instance, have you Pinterest fans noticed how people can’t shut up about braids? OMG, spice up your pony with a braid! Braid a small braid into your bun! Braid your bangs! Braid braid braid braid braid!

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10 restaurant foods that shouldn’t exist

I’m a connoisseur of foods that are delicious and terrible for you. I’d rather eat out than pretty much anything in this world, but there are a few foodstuffs that I just can’t get behind. Certain foods just shouldn’t go together, ya know? Here are 10 foods from restaurants that should not exist and are wrong

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10 future Kanye West Twitter rants


Do you hate Kanye West?

Chances are pretty good he hates you, too.

The king of Twitter rants struck again Saturday night, expressing his distaste of New York City fashion — or lackthereof.

Kanye West tweeted 11 separate messages detailing all the things he hates about every day fashion, including “button up shirts with

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Evil Genius thy name is Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg holds a persian cat while saying "one beeelion dollars"

Best week ever for Instagram?

Last week, the popular photo sharing application released on the Android platform and added 1 million new users in the first 12 hours. 

Today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced an aquision of the company for ….wait for it….

One. Billion. Dollars.

Instagram’s reported value just last week before the

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Dear Santa: I believe

Have you linked up for Holiday Movie Mania? Linkup is open until December 26!

Fact: I’ve never once admitted that I don’t believe in Santa Claus.

As far as I remember, I never had a conversation with my parents that included the phrase, “Listen, I don’t believe in Santa” or “Honey, Santa isn’t real.”

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When your DVR fails you

hand holding a remote control with a tv blurred in the background

Sometimes a person sets up her DVR to record her favorite fashion reality show season finale. She’s super excited because she’s waited months to find out who won. Her husband says, “Well, hon, I’m going to take an afternoon nap. Here’s the remote.”

Finally, it’s time.

In eager anticipation, she navigates to the recorded

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Great, like I need another addiction

Like cherry icees, Twitter and Bejeweled, I’ve become obsessed with Words with Friends. I have a Droid phone, so I never had access to the game before it was released on this platform earlier this week. I was hooked instantly. This didn’t mean I wasn’t scared. Oh, Lawd, was I scared, or more appropriately,

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Adventures at the Health Department

We took a big adventure to the Health Department last week to pick up a copy of my son’s birth certificate. And  because I’m on a maternity leave, a big day is putting on a real bra and changing into some fresh PJ pants, so this trip was especially interesting.

We parked in the

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The day I went crazy over a banana

I love bananas.

I eat a banana every day for my mid-morning snack. You know, because of my ravenous monster baby. And although I’d rather eat a hash brown or cookie, I try to stick with healthy stuff while I’m at work. It’s so people wont’ get all judgy with me.

I’d also like

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