Cute cold weather outfit ideas


Sometimes it gets cold in Florida.

Like, this morning it was 44 degrees!

(Of course, it will get up to 70 today but nevermind that.)

Sometimes a girl feels like bundling up. Or “bundling up” as we like to say in Florida. Sometimes she’s looking for cute cold weather outfit ideas.

It’s difficult for

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Six Fun OOTD

2012-08-03 12.05.13

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know how much I enjoy taking pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror.

I know what you’re thinking to yourself. “I thought Amanda was 32 years old, not 14 years old for crying out loud, why doesn’t she just throw up a sideways peace sign and do

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Dear Santa: I believe

Have you linked up for Holiday Movie Mania? Linkup is open until December 26!

Fact: I’ve never once admitted that I don’t believe in Santa Claus.

As far as I remember, I never had a conversation with my parents that included the phrase, “Listen, I don’t believe in Santa” or “Honey, Santa isn’t real.”

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Five things I learned from Project Runway


Although I have increasingly less time for reality TV than I did this time last year, I still can’t miss Project Runway. It’s my Saturday morning nap, grab a cup of coffee guilty pleasure. Or, if Hub is at a football game or something, it’s the Friday night after bedtime, grab a glass

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VlogTalk: Eye makeup demo

Yesterday I talked about my favorite kinds of eye makeup, today I’m going to show you how I use it.

This is from the first Vlog Talk prompt: Show us your makeup routine.

If you’re at all interested in eye makeup or how to apply it, check out Makeup Geek on YouTube. Almost

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