BOWS! or why I’m excited for a little girl [GIVEAWAY]

rockabilly baby place 1

Since the day I found out I’m having a little girl, I can’t help but think pink.

As if there was ANY doubt I would dress my child up like a teeny, tiny mini-me diva, people sometimes ask me, “what color is her room going to be?” (PINK DUH) “Are you going to paint

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How to reject maternity clothes and substitute your own

maternity clothes polka dot shirt

In the past 18 months or so, I have begun to appreciate fashion much more than I ever did before. There are a few reasons for this. First, I discovered thrifting and refashioning and realized I don’t have to spend a ton of money to look stylish. I also realized I could buy stuff

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Jelly Sandwich Nails Tutorial

jelly sandwich nails tutorial

It’s been awhile since I did a nail tutorial on It’s Blogworthy. That doesn’t mean I have been neglecting my nails — oh, no, not at all. Although I’m now a Jamberry Nail Wrap Independent Consultant and rockin’ some of the coolest nail art around (as well as going chip-free for DAYS — literally days

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Jamberry Nail Wrap Review and Giveaway

turquoise chevron jamberry nails wraps

Click here to find out how you can win a FREE MANICURE AND PEDICURE! My love affair with nail polish is well documented. It started about a year ago when I got some Minnie polish from my bestie, and it’s continued at a steady pace. I have drawers and drawers of nail polish. Too

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DIY Vintage Button Necklace

It’s about time I rekindle the refashioning on this blog, what say you? 

My good friend Marsha (of the DIY glass etching post) is an avid Pinner and has really great style. She loves jewelry and DIY as much as me, so we always love talking about our projects.  Marsha  sent me this DIY

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4 ways to style a denim jacket

While perusing my Pinterest Fashion Show at Lunch! board, I discovered I’d started a trend of pinning outfits including a denim jacket. Now, if you would have asked me straight up, “Amanda, would you enjoy a denim jacket?” I’d say to you, “Please go away and take your denim jacket talk back to the

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Hi Low Dress Refashion

hi low dress refashion main

Several months ago, I bought a huge box of somebody’s old clothing for refashioning purposes. Although there were lots of great clothing (WAY bigger size than what I normally wear), this great experiment went nowhere because the holidays came and I got busy and started one refashion that took me months and months to finish.


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Bright Colors for Spring

Bright colors for spring pink cardigan cheetah dress

Spring has sprung you guys! After a chilly season that lasted way too long (and made me get really creative with my boots and leggings and scarves) the warm Florida weather has finally gotten here. Any bets on how long it will be until I’m complaining about the heat? Now it’s time to bust

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Ideas for styling Coral and Mint Outfit

coral and mint outfit casual scarf and tshirt

A few weeks ago, I was obsessed with red, black and neutrals and wore them more or less every day for a week. Before that, it was emerald. Now that our beautiful weather is setting in (for about 3 seconds before it turns to blisteringly hot again) I’ve been into light, bright spring colors,

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Spring 2013 Nail Polish Trends: Nudes and Pastels

spring 2013 nail polish trends - light nudes, candy pink, shimmer topcoats

Have we all not had enough of the winter yet? I know we have it much better than all y’all up North (pouring one out for all my sistas digging out from the recent snowstorm…one love!) but it’s still cold. I’m still wearing boots, people. It’s dangerously close to April. This is not acceptable.

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