DIY Kids Sandbox Tutorial

DIY Kids sandbox tutorial

Remember how I can shut up about my backyard already?

It’s for swimming.

It’s for music listening.

It’s for eating and working and relaxing (see my Instagram feed for all those pictures.)

Now we’re adding a new dimension to our formerly “clean slate” backyard — a sandbox for the boy.

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My Mamahood

me pushing my baby on the swing

I have the best kid ever.

He’s the cutest, smartest, funniest, snuggliest, most adorable child ever created, and I created him.


Ok, me and his daddy. Clearly I had some help.

But it was my body in which he spent nine months in the most perfect place ever, growing, developing and practicing skills

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Empathy and sympathy


There was a time in my life I looked at mothers with annoyance and scorn. I can admit that because I’m making up for it right now. Back then, I didn’t realize how hard it is to raise a child. Oh my God, is it hard. I could never figure out why these Mamas

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Disney Spring Break 2012


Our Disney Mini-Vacay wasn’t all bad. One of the coolest things about motherhood so far has been watching my baby see and experience new things — especially things I’ve been taking for granted for a long time.

Epcot is one. I’ve walked in so many times and never noticed the beauty of the main

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Saturday Party Animals

Whew, let me tell you about our wild Saturday night. I mean it was just out of control. I’m still trying to recover.

First we went to our favorite Mexican place, Las Margaritas. We totally splurged for the queso dip.

Then we came home and some of us got rull crazy and

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Cherishing my memories


We can all agree that babyhood goes way too fast, right?

Even though I’m not a “mommy blog” per say, I use this blog as an outlet for lots of things Mommy related. Going back through my archives is like finding a box of photos from college: you just can’t help but flip through and

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Breastfeeding By the Numbers

Two hundred twenty-five.

That’s approximately the amount of days I pulled the ice pack out of the freezer, cleaned tiny plastic bottles, scrubbed plastic horns and lugged my breast pump to work.

Four hundred fifty.

That is the number  of times I slipped quietly to the windowless supply closet, a room within a bigger

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Anatomy of a cake smash


First, he’s not so sure.

Really? You’re going to let me eat this cake? Nobody is stopping me? Oh this? Is the best.


Oh that’s the stuff.


I don’t even care that they put this stupid pirate hat on my head. Just let me eat this delicious cake.


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One Year

Dear Luke,

“I love that baby.”

If you were in Mommy and Daddy’s room at night, that’s what you’d hear more than once. Every night we gaze at the screen, awed by your tiny hands, a pacifier in one and your lovey in the other, your back rising and falling slowly in a deep

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Pinterest Pirate Birthday Party

red cupcakes from Sams club with pirate ship wrappers

This one is going to be picture heavy because I have a fun hangover.

Baby Blogworthy’s birthday party was a huge success. We had a great crowd of my closest friends and family, good food, cute decorations, the best cake smash EVER and lots of baby playtime.

We had him down for a

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