4 ways to style a denim jacket

While perusing my Pinterest Fashion Show at Lunch! board, I discovered I’d started a trend of pinning outfits including a denim jacket. Now, if you would have asked me straight up, “Amanda, would you enjoy a denim jacket?” I’d say to you, “Please go away and take your denim jacket talk back to the

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Hi Low Dress Refashion

hi low dress refashion main

Several months ago, I bought a huge box of somebody’s old clothing for refashioning purposes. Although there were lots of great clothing (WAY bigger size than what I normally wear), this great experiment went nowhere because the holidays came and I got busy and started one refashion that took me months and months to finish.


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Red black and neutral outfits

red black and neutral outfit

Although I’m getting “Pinspired” to try new styles, and Pinterest is helping me decide what I’m going to wear every day (“hold on, have to go check Pinterest for my outfit of the day”) I find myself navigating toward certain looks. I get stuck on color combinations for a couple weeks before I move

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Dye Eggs with Silk Ties Tutorial: An Easter DIY

dye eggs with silk ties

Let’s all collectively sit back and contemplate how on God’s green earth it’s already THE MIDDLE OF MARCH. Pretty soon it’ll be April, then May, then June, then you guys all know the rest of the months, then the year will be over!

But before that — EASTER EGGS!

I love dying easter eggs

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Mini Deep Dish Pizza Recipe

mini deep dish pizza bites

My love of appetizers is deep and unending. There is no hurt in the world that can’t be cured with a whole mess of cheese fries or other types of potatoes covered in cheese. What about cheeses dips? Mini sliders? Tiny mushrooms stuffed with crab? Wontons? Make it tiny and it immediately tastes better. I

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Cute Pinterest Outfits

going to my happy place pinterest

I like to post my outfit of the day (or OOTD for all you people who always wondered what OOTD means, like my husband) on Instagram daily, straight to you from the bathroom at the Health Science Center of the University of Florida. Mainly, I want to remember what I wore so I can

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Hey Girl Ryan Gosling was robbed

hey girl ryan gosling sexiest man alive

As you probably already know, I have a deep and unending Pinterest love affair with Ryan Gosling. Hey girl Ryan Gosling is pretty much my favorite piece of eye candy in the whole box of delicious eye candy.

Remember the hubub last year about People’s Sexiest Man Alive? When Bradley Cooper beat out Ryan Gosling for Sexiest Man

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A Very Pinterest Weekend


A few days ago, I rearranged and organized my Pinterest board and realized there were lots of amazing things that I intended to make but then didn’t.

I was faced with a free Saturday, breakfast visitors and a splurge day. All those things equal trying fattening recipes without worrying about calories. Here are some

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How not to get beachy waves


You now how much I love me some Pinterest, and also how braids have been jumping the shark on that site lately. Well, my girl Rox from Unintentionally Brilliant was sucked into the myth of braids. Here is her story. And it’s awesome.


If you’re on Pinterest (which I’m sure you are because

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Nine Braid Braided Braid


You guys, I can not NOT make fun of Pinterest. People just make it way too easy.

For instance, have you Pinterest fans noticed how people can’t shut up about braids? OMG, spice up your pony with a braid! Braid a small braid into your bun! Braid your bangs! Braid braid braid braid braid!

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