It’s Blogworthy 2012 Roundup

New Year's baby ready to party

You guys, how did 2012 go so quickly? My mind, she is boggled. Only a few more hours until we say goodbye to the old year and welcome 2013 with incredibly high expectations that will never be met, thus facilitating our decline into winter depression. HAHA J/K LOLZ.

New Year’s baby ready to

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Celebrity Roundup: Bottom of the Barrel

steven tyler mariah carey


There’s this pin going around Pinterest about having a hangover after a book and being unable to start a new one because you’re still so involved in the world of your last book. I can relate on many levels. Back when I had lots of time to read, I’d devour a book in

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Where in the world is #AwesomeAustin? Getting Beachy

#AwesomeAustin (@amandaaustin and @awesomehutch) photoshopped on the beach

Wasn’t the Celebrity Roundup Birthday Bash fun?

Super fun, but like all parties, it was a LOT of work.

I decided it was time to kick back and relax on the blog a little. Like, maybe with a virtual trip to the beach with my favorite Tweep, @AwesomeHutch (also of Be Awesome Instead and

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How YOU doin’?

Baby Blogworthy is giving a shout out to all you lovely ladies out there.

Baby wearing is the new black.

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