How to spend a staycation

staycation feet up

I’m back from my staycation. As in, back in the groove and the swing and the ol’ routine, not “back” as in “back from a lovely trip to an exotic land” unless you consider the Walmart on NW 13th Street in Gainesville “exotic”, which I don’t. Actually, you will see some “wildlife” but not

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Where in the world is #AwesomeAustin? Getting Beachy

#AwesomeAustin (@amandaaustin and @awesomehutch) photoshopped on the beach

Wasn’t the Celebrity Roundup Birthday Bash fun?

Super fun, but like all parties, it was a LOT of work.

I decided it was time to kick back and relax on the blog a little. Like, maybe with a virtual trip to the beach with my favorite Tweep, @AwesomeHutch (also of Be Awesome Instead and

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Fighting the good fight

In March, Hubby and I drove to West Virginia for a funeral with some wonderful news. We had just found out we were expecting and couldn’t wait to tell everyone..

I’ll never forget my Mom’s reaction. She was sitting at her laptop, farming on Farmville, and I told her I’d been really tired the

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