A Very Austin Christmas


¬†Hey, y’all, it’s getting festive up in the Austin Haus! I’m talking all kinds of festive.

Much mistletoe’in, you guys. MUCH.

Haul out your Christmas PJs in early December and sit under the tree kind of fun.

I’m talkin Christmas tree earring type

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Our 5th Anniversary Trip


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Disney Spring Break 2012


Our Disney Mini-Vacay wasn’t all bad. One of the coolest things about motherhood so far has been watching my baby see and experience new things — especially things I’ve been taking for granted for a long time.

Epcot is one. I’ve walked in so many times and never noticed the beauty of the main

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Now that my baby is walking, crawling and moving ALWAYS, there is no end to the amount of trouble he can get into. I guess the only true baby-proofing is a completely empty house, right?

He’s all boy from his head to his toes. He loves to climb over, through, around, on top of

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close up of a baby's lips and nose, with some wording beside it

Aren’t genes amazing?

Two people, completely different, blending their genetic material to create a little person who is a perfect mix of the two in every single way.

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Daddy and Son

Picture of my father and son at the beach

I loved my husband before he became a Daddy, but watching him learn how to be a Dad has made me love him even more.

Linking up with Alison and Galit.

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