Toddler Menu

My bowl is empty. Someone should remedy this situation.

My bowl is empty. Someone should remedy this situation.

Hi, welcome to 20 Month, the hottest new restaurant in the area.

I’m Luke, and I’ll be taking care of you today. Just ignore all those food pieces in the table. That’s from previous meals. We believe hardened apple sauce and dried American cheese

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Magnet man

Magnet Man making a spoon stick with his mind

I’m Magnet Man.

I can make this spoon stick to my head……..using only my mind.

I love this guy.

Inspired by

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Sleepy time


Would all y’all believe this is the same baby who I used to beg to sleep?

Imagine reading this post under a warm blanket with some white noise a roarin’ — then try not to fall asleep. I dare you.

HEY YOU GUYS! Celebrity Roundup’s first anniversary is coming

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Saturday Party Animals

Whew, let me tell you about our wild Saturday night. I mean it was just out of control. I’m still trying to recover.

First we went to our favorite Mexican place, Las Margaritas. We totally splurged for the queso dip.

Then we came home and some of us got rull crazy and

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Celebrity Roundup: I have a dream

Credit: TMZ; AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Today’s Celebrity Roundup is sponsored by my coffee pot, Excedrin and the phrase “there is not enough caffeine  in the WORLD…”

Because, face it, we’re all dragging this week. Although I’m still trying to figure out why, exactly, this week has been so difficult to get through, two things are for sure: we made it

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Cherishing my memories


We can all agree that babyhood goes way too fast, right?

Even though I’m not a “mommy blog” per say, I use this blog as an outlet for lots of things Mommy related. Going back through my archives is like finding a box of photos from college: you just can’t help but flip through and

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On Naps

There was a time in my life, not too long ago, when I thought naps were the greatest thing ever.

Thanksgiving 2008, for instance. I was off on paid holiday Thursday and Friday and took off the following Monday just because. The director let us leave early Wednesday, too, so I decided I would

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I’m linking up today with Angie from Mama Insomnia for her Free FALLin’ meme. I’m here to talk to you today about my favorite thing about fall.

It’s not pumpkins, although they are great:

(This gigantic pumpkin photo was taken at the Pumpkin Festival back in West Virginia. Those West Virginian  pumpkin farmers don’t

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My favorite summer shoes

Linking up with Kir from The Kir Corner.

I have  a lot of shoes, but have one certain pair that always makes me feel fancy.


Silver? Check. Flower? Check.

Super high heel? Check.

The best

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Celebrity Weekly Round-Up: Scotty kisses but doesn’t tell

Happy Friday! And not only is it a happy Friday, it’s the happy Friday BEFORE A HOLIDAY WEEKEND. It’s like I died and went to Friday heaven.

Today I’m celebrating the end of another reality TV season, of which I didn’t get to enjoy to the fullest extent. You see, up until about a

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