Cherishing my memories


We can all agree that babyhood goes way too fast, right?

Even though I’m not a “mommy blog”┬áper say, I use this blog as an outlet for lots of things Mommy related. Going back through my archives is like finding a box of photos from college: you just can’t help but flip through and

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Facebook: Chill out or go away

We all woke up last week to big changes on Facebook, and you’d think by the way people were carrying on, Facebook stole your husband, kicked your dog and went on a cruise with your life savings.

I think the biggest problem was that the developers rolled out these changes before everyone had their

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#PinterestChallenge: Cheese sauce and hair

cheese and corn starch

The fact that the title of this post is vom worthy is not lost on me, but stick with me. It could have been way worse.

(I thought about calling it Cheese sauce and curly hair.)

I’m participating in Julie @ Dutch Being Me Pinterest Challenge, where we try things on Pinterest and blog

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10 blogging tips for a NOOB

This week, I’m participating in an online blog conference with Liz from Belle, Bean and Chicago Dog and Jessica from Four Plus an Angel.

I don’t have the funds for a blog conference right now, so this is as good as it’s going to get. But as I’m a sucker for Twitter parties and

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Celebrity Weekly Round-Up: Scotty kisses but doesn’t tell

Happy Friday! And not only is it a happy Friday, it’s the happy Friday BEFORE A HOLIDAY WEEKEND. It’s like I died and went to Friday heaven.

Today I’m celebrating the end of another reality TV season, of which I didn’t get to enjoy to the fullest extent. You see, up until about a

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My Fabulous Five

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Look who’s talkin’

My son apparently has a new favorite word, and that word is stinky. It doesn’t matter what I say is stinky: the cat, his diaper, our house, his feet, Daddy — he lights up like the fourth of July and laughs his little tushie off.

It’s much easier to interact with him now that

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Great, like I need another addiction

Like cherry icees, Twitter and Bejeweled, I’ve become obsessed with Words with Friends. I have a Droid phone, so I never had access to the game before it was released on this platform earlier this week. I was hooked instantly. This didn’t mean I wasn’t scared. Oh, Lawd, was I scared, or more appropriately,

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Protected: Nick Burns, your company’s computer guy, gets a promotion

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

tagging in (har har har)

My friend and old sorority sister, Miranda, tagged me in a “getting to know you” type of post! I’m still working on a doooo-hooo-sey of a post about my childbirth education classes, which, even if your not pregnant, get thyself to one of those bad boys post haste because they are hiiiiiilarious. So anyway,

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