Savannah’s Birth Story

Oh hi.

I didn’t see you there. Probably because I haven’t been on my computer for eight weeks.

Today is my first day back to work and I have the feels. The past eight weeks has been a whirlwind. It’s like…the days went so fast, it seems like I’ve had two children my whole

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DIY Kids Sandbox Tutorial

DIY Kids sandbox tutorial

Remember how I can shut up about my backyard already?

It’s for swimming.

It’s for music listening.

It’s for eating and working and relaxing (see my Instagram feed for all those pictures.)

Now we’re adding a new dimension to our formerly “clean slate” backyard — a sandbox for the boy.

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Magnet man

Magnet Man making a spoon stick with his mind

I’m Magnet Man.

I can make this spoon stick to my head……..using only my mind.

I love this guy.

Inspired by

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Be careful what you wish for

the billboard for on top of the world retirement community

Happy Monday. I’m here to tell you a fable.


On the way back from Orlando Saturday…

Hub: You’re always on that phone. Put it down and talk to me.

Me: But i’m talking to my Twitter friends.

Hub: I know but let’s talk. I’m bored just driving.

Me: Ok. What do you want

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close up of a baby's lips and nose, with some wording beside it

Aren’t genes amazing?

Two people, completely different, blending their genetic material to create a little person who is a perfect mix of the two in every single way.

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Saturday Party Animals

Whew, let me tell you about our wild Saturday night. I mean it was just out of control. I’m still trying to recover.

First we went to our favorite Mexican place, Las Margaritas. We totally splurged for the queso dip.

Then we came home and some of us got rull crazy and

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Daddy and Son

Picture of my father and son at the beach

I loved my husband before he became a Daddy, but watching him learn how to be a Dad has made me love him even more.

Linking up with Alison and Galit.

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Nothing says “Christmas” like some antlers

I’m Antlering-Up with KLZ today.

Three people in our family and only two of us were up for the antlers.

Would you believe this baby put the antlers on his own head?

This is as good as it gets for the Hub. Here is the conversation preceeding this photo.

Me: Please put

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Birthday Boy

coca cola bottle 2-liter close up

Looking for the birthday boy?

It’s not the little guy crawling on the floor, although he’ll have a birthday soon enough.

No, look for the big guy with the same ears and chin as that little guy, crawling on the floor right next to him.

Yup, my two main men both have November birthdays

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#ippp: Put Me In, Coach

I’m ready to play….

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