DIY Glass Etching Tutorial

glass etching tutorial

In my opinion, the best Christmas gifts are ones that have a personal meaning (well, and cash. Who doesn’t love cash?) We all have those people who we’re just not sure what to buy, but we want to get them something affordable and lovely. Today’s DIY glass etching tutorial definitely fits the bill.


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How not to get beachy waves


You now how much I love me some Pinterest, and also how braids have been jumping the shark on that site lately. Well, my girl Rox from Unintentionally Brilliant was sucked into the myth of braids. Here is her story. And it’s awesome.


If you’re on Pinterest (which I’m sure you are because

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The littlest celebrity

Baby Donut Serving Life

Welcome Rach, the voice behind Life Ever Since, and Donut, her daughter who (according to all the pictures I’ve seen) lives up to her sugary moniker. Rach is wonderfully supportive, funny and kind blogger, and one of my email subscriptions (that’s how you know I don’t want to miss a thing). She hosts the

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Look! It’s Jesus!

This guest post is brought to you by Jayme, better known around these parts as the Random Blogette. Jayme was one of my first blog friends and remains one of my favorites. Someday her family and mine will get together and have the best time EVER eating kielbasa, drinking beer and acting a fool.  It will

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Celebrity Round-up: The nuts and their shells

You know, even the best celebrity recapper needs a break once and awhile.

Bad ones like me do, too.

While I take a day to enjoy the Tampa Zoo with my smiley baby (fingers crossed this is the case because really, mid-summer in Florida at the zoo is really just a recipe

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