Dye Eggs with Silk Ties Tutorial: An Easter DIY

dye eggs with silk ties

Let’s all collectively sit back and contemplate how on God’s green earth it’s already THE MIDDLE OF MARCH. Pretty soon it’ll be April, then May, then June, then you guys all know the rest of the months, then the year will be over!

But before that — EASTER EGGS!

I love dying easter eggs

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DIY Tiered Cupcake Stand


We all love cupcakes, right? Cupcakes are the new 1/4 of a sheet cake, at least in our house.

I know that your Holiday parties are coming up fast and furious, right? And you’re like, Oh man, I have lovely Christmas treats to share with my friends but paper plates just aren’t going to

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DIY Glass Etching Tutorial

glass etching tutorial

In my opinion, the best Christmas gifts are ones that have a personal meaning (well, and cash. Who doesn’t love cash?) We all have those people who we’re just not sure what to buy, but we want to get them something affordable and lovely. Today’s DIY glass etching tutorial definitely fits the bill.


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DIY faux twisted pearl necklace


A couple months ago, I won a lot of jewelry from eBay that included a ton of stuff, as well as some cheap plastic beads. I paid $20 for the lot, so I’m sure the person just threw them in there to get some junk out of her house…well played, eBay seller…well played.


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DIY Tshirt to braided belt tutorial

tshirt to braided belt tutorial

Have you ever looked at Pinterest and thought, OMG that looks so easy! I could totally do that!

And then, have you ever looked into your closet and thought, “hmm, I’d love to have a bright blue belt, but I don’t want to spend money on it.”

And then, have you ever texted your

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Hawaiian Maxi Dress Refashion

Hawaiian maxi-dress refashion

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Thrifting in Huntington, WV, was on our to-do list while we were visiting my husband’s parents. One afternoon, my in-laws watched the toddler while we rummaged through other people’s discarded clothing for sweet deals.

We stopped by this placed called The Mission, a hot, disorganized thrift store

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Pinterest Pirate Birthday Party

red cupcakes from Sams club with pirate ship wrappers

This one is going to be picture heavy because I have a fun hangover.

Baby Blogworthy’s birthday party was a huge success. We had a great crowd of my closest friends and family, good food, cute decorations, the best cake smash EVER and lots of baby playtime.

We had him down for a

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Don’t steal my idea!!!

Do you ever wish you were somebody like, say, the guy who invented Facebook? I mean he came up with some lame idea to basically stalk girls that he went to school with and now he’s a gazillionaire.

Or the coffee kiosk we saw on the Travel Channel show XTREME COFFEE SHOPS where girls

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Our Disney Sports Weekend (Volume 3): I probably won’t quit my day job. Probably.

If you’ve missed them, Volume 1 and Volume 2 of this epic trip.

So during our getting famous and not getting killed, we tried a new feature at Hollywood Studios which is the Animation Station. I might have just made up that name, but it accurately describes the attraction. It’s part of the animation

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Painted Bamboo Rug Project

painted bamboo rug tutorial

I finished my first big craft project today — a painted bamboo rug — while Hubby was watching football. Sundays are good for that kind of thing!

Last Saturday, I was fortunate enough to find a nice, big bamboo rug at Goodwill. It was a little bit worn and dirty, but only $5.99. I

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