First Haircut

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Sometimes you have a baby born with a little hair, and then that baby’s hair falls out and doesn’t really grow back in for two and a half years. And sometimes you look at that child, the one who was practically bald a year ago, and say, “He doesn’t need a haircut yet. His

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Letters of our history

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When my husband and I got married, we lived at my Mom and Dad’s house in West Virginia while they were living in Northern Kentucky. All the stuff we had was theirs, essentially. Like all newly married couples, we had a few odds and ends of our own — Fiestaware plates and red handled

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Voyage of the Little Mermaid Full Ride

Voyage of the little mermaid

Y’all! To continue my  recap of awesome Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland, here is a little treat. Thanks to the magic of technology, we recorded the entire Voyage of the Little Mermaid full ride! Get a sneak peek before you go — or if you won’t be able to visit for awhile.The Voyage of the

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Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland Pictures

Saturday we were lucky enough to reserve a spot to see a preview of the Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland Preview at Walt Disney World.

We’re big Disney fans, and have had season passes about three out of the five years we’ve lived in Florida. My family made Walt Disney World a regular vacation spot,

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Not so scary Halloween


Pumpkin carving in a series of photos.

And then there was the trick-or-treating:

“Now what are you supposed to be little guy?” MURDER TRAIN.

Please look at the baby and not my boobs.

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Fall Wishful Thinking Fashion


This post brought to you by No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine.

October in Florida is brutal. I don’t know why it seems so much hotter now than it did in July. Maybe it’s because I’m seeing lots of cute hats and scarves and boots while (meanwhile) I’m sweating through my tank top

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Three steps to frizz-free hair

August in Florida is mind-numbingly hot and humid. Remember when you guys were all complaining about the heat in mid-July as if you’ve never experienced hot weather before? (No, I’m not bitter…) Well, imagine you experience eight solid months of that blistering heat.

By August, us Florida girls have pretty much given up

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Staycation All I’ve Ever Wanted


What’s better than a long weekend? A long weekend with two extra days tacked on the front. Yes, I decided to give my compulsive paid time off a rest and got took off Thursday and Friday for a Staycation. Except, is it a Staycation if you spend one day at Disney?

Ok. Anyway. Since

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How to Survive a Hurricane in North Central Florida


In my four and a half years as a Florida resident, we’ve only experienced three tropical storms. You see, we live 75 miles or so from either coast, so by the time many of these storms get to us, they’ve powered down. After I commenced freak out after the first one that turned out

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Must-have Summer Accessories for Florida Girls

my feet in some flip flops and my pile of flip flops

You know how everybody won’t shut up about how hot it is, as if this is the first time they’ve experienced the phenomena known as summer? For those of us living in the deep South — especially all areas of Florida — these declarations of it being hot are leaving us all collectively scratching our heads.

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