Major Style with Budget Clothes at Kohl’s

kohl's giveaway budget clothes

We moved to Florida five years ago to a town that didn’t have a Kohl’s. I was astounded. Where else did people buy heavily discounted adorable clothes? How did they find budget clothes?

We were so desperate for a Kohl’s that we drove almost two hours to Jacksonville just to shop. Ridiculous, huh? Luckily,

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Cute cold weather outfit ideas


Sometimes it gets cold in Florida.

Like, this morning it was 44 degrees!

(Of course, it will get up to 70 today but nevermind that.)

Sometimes a girl feels like bundling up. Or “bundling up” as we like to say in Florida. Sometimes she’s looking for cute cold weather outfit ideas.

It’s difficult for

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Latest thrifted outfit of the day

thrifted ootd

I know everyone is just dying to see what kind of outfits I put together, huh? Well get ready for another round of outfits straight from my closet to your eyeballs (via a thrift store) with an added bonus of an academic health system’s tile public bathroom as a backdrop….am I classy or what!?


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Fall Wishful Thinking Fashion


This post brought to you by No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine.

October in Florida is brutal. I don’t know why it seems so much hotter now than it did in July. Maybe it’s because I’m seeing lots of cute hats and scarves and boots while (meanwhile) I’m sweating through my tank top

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Tshirt to Peplum top tutorial

peplum top tutorial main image

I’ve really been into trying new (to me) fashion and styles. I’ve been seeing peplum a lot lately on a few fashion blogs, but you know me and my cheapness. Why would you buy something you could refashion?

I picked up this tshirt at the Salvation Army for $1. It’s an XL women’s

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Vintage minnie nail polish


i never leave the house without my toes painted. NEVER. I mean, chipped and ready for a new coat, yes, but NEVER naked.

My finger nails were a different story. I rarely painted them because they chip so fast, and who has the time, and what am I, some sort of princess who can’t

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Thrifted outfits of the day

thrifted ootd

Oh you know, just phoning it in again on ye ol blog. Literally, phoning it in. As I , typing this from a phone. Wednesday means #ippp and Real Girl Style linkup, so here are a few more outfits featuring thrifted clothes. See? One woman’s trash is another woman’s opportunity to take pictures of

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DIY faux twisted pearl necklace


A couple months ago, I won a lot of jewelry from eBay that included a ton of stuff, as well as some cheap plastic beads. I paid $20 for the lot, so I’m sure the person just threw them in there to get some junk out of her house…well played, eBay seller…well played.


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Closet Shopping



Hey you.

Yes, you. the one who has a ridiculously stuffed closet and an empty wallet?

Wouldn’t you love to turn that around? Like, make your wallet stuffed and your closet empty? So you can fill it up with more amazing things?

I love eBay, but dont’ know where to start to sell my things

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Three steps to frizz-free hair

August in Florida is mind-numbingly hot and humid. Remember when you guys were all complaining about the heat in mid-July as if you’ve never experienced hot weather before? (No, I’m not bitter…) Well, imagine you experience eight solid months of that blistering heat.

By August, us Florida girls have pretty much given up

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