Jamberry Nail Wrap Application Tips

Jamberry nails for several months now and I’m stilI’ve been rocking the l as in love with them as I was the first time I tried my accent nail. I am so passionate about these wraps that I would love to get them on every finger in the universe, but you know, baby steps,

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DIY Vintage Button Necklace

It’s about time I rekindle the refashioning on this blog, what say you? 

My good friend Marsha (of the DIY glass etching post) is an avid Pinner and has really great style. She loves jewelry and DIY as much as me, so we always love talking about our projects.  Marsha  sent me this DIY

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Dye Eggs with Silk Ties Tutorial: An Easter DIY

dye eggs with silk ties

Let’s all collectively sit back and contemplate how on God’s green earth it’s already THE MIDDLE OF MARCH. Pretty soon it’ll be April, then May, then June, then you guys all know the rest of the months, then the year will be over!

But before that — EASTER EGGS!

I love dying easter eggs

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How to fix nail polish chips with nail polish remover


 One upon a time, I got the Essie Winter collection called Leading Lady. It includes gorgeous shades like Leading Lady (a dark red jelly with glitter),  Beyond Cozy (silver microglitter), Where’s my Chauffer (a light teal creme) (as well as a question I ask myself every day) and Snap Happy (an orange-red

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DIY Tiered Cupcake Stand


We all love cupcakes, right? Cupcakes are the new 1/4 of a sheet cake, at least in our house.

I know that your Holiday parties are coming up fast and furious, right? And you’re like, Oh man, I have lovely Christmas treats to share with my friends but paper plates just aren’t going to

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DIY Glass Etching Tutorial

glass etching tutorial

In my opinion, the best Christmas gifts are ones that have a personal meaning (well, and cash. Who doesn’t love cash?) We all have those people who we’re just not sure what to buy, but we want to get them something affordable and lovely. Today’s DIY glass etching tutorial definitely fits the bill.


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DIY personalized charm necklace


Haul out the holly! Put up the tree before my spirit goes again…

Alright, I’m fully aware that it’s barely November and we have one entire holiday to celebrate before we get around to hauling holly (although, according to Instagram, many of you are ready right now.) But today I’m sharing what I hope

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Tshirt to Peplum top tutorial

peplum top tutorial main image

I’ve really been into trying new (to me) fashion and styles. I’ve been seeing peplum a lot lately on a few fashion blogs, but you know me and my cheapness. Why would you buy something you could refashion?

I picked up this tshirt at the Salvation Army for $1. It’s an XL women’s

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DIY faux twisted pearl necklace


A couple months ago, I won a lot of jewelry from eBay that included a ton of stuff, as well as some cheap plastic beads. I paid $20 for the lot, so I’m sure the person just threw them in there to get some junk out of her house…well played, eBay seller…well played.


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Three Stitch Pencil Skirt Refashion

easy three stich pencil skirt refashion tutorial

Today’s refashion:

The other day, I was perusing Old Navy and saw this skirt:


“Hub, did you see that skirt?”

“You mean the one that looks exactly like the one you made the other day out of that thrifted polo shirt?”

“Yeah, that one. And thanks for paying attention. That

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