First Haircut

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Sometimes you have a baby born with a little hair, and then that baby’s hair falls out and doesn’t really grow back in for two and a half years. And sometimes you look at that child, the one who was practically bald a year ago, and say, “He doesn’t need a haircut yet. His

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A Disney World Third Birthday

third birthday at disney world

Before I get into an extremely picture heavy #IPPP post, can we discuss for one hot mintue that my child IS THREE YEARS OLD? Um, how? I am not the first mama to say that and I certainly won’t be the last, but time is getting faster and faster. It’s amazing and heartbreaking. Motherhood

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Voyage of the Little Mermaid Full Ride

Voyage of the little mermaid

Y’all! To continue my ┬árecap of awesome Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland, here is a little treat. Thanks to the magic of technology, we recorded the entire Voyage of the Little Mermaid full ride! Get a sneak peek before you go — or if you won’t be able to visit for awhile.The Voyage of the

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Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland Pictures

Saturday we were lucky enough to reserve a spot to see a preview of the Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland Preview at Walt Disney World.

We’re big Disney fans, and have had season passes about three out of the five years we’ve lived in Florida. My family made Walt Disney World a regular vacation spot,

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Our 5th Anniversary Trip


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Disney Spring Break 2012


Our Disney Mini-Vacay wasn’t all bad. One of the coolest things about motherhood so far has been watching my baby see and experience new things — especially things I’ve been taking for granted for a long time.

Epcot is one. I’ve walked in so many times and never noticed the beauty of the main

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When Friday the 13 strikes back

baby drinking a dole pineapple whip from the Magic Kingdom

Have you linked up with Drawestin: A DrawSomething Linkup yet? What are you waiting on! Open all month!

“Today is Friday the 13!”

“Yeah, I know. It doesn’t bother me, though. I turned 13 on Friday the 13!”

I overheard this conversation while I was waiting for my prescription to be

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Baby’s First Disney Trip


Oh, have you guys heard? We love Disney World at our house.

We decided to get seasonal passes to Walt Disney World while Baby Blogworthy still gets in free. What does one do with a 15 month old baby at Walt Disney World? Honestly, not much.

We headed to Walt Disney World on Thursday

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Things I Learn from Disney

When it’s early in the morning and my baby has decided it’s time to get up, face the day and see what kind of cords he can try to put in his mouth challenges he can overcome, we like to wile away the hours before his morning nap by watching a bit of Disney

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Anniversary Weekend Recap

Don’t you hate Mondays?

Don’t you hate them even more after you’ve had a fun weekend?

We celebrated our 4th anniversary this weekend at Disney’s Old Key West Resort.

Hey, did you guys know it’s sort of hard to do things with a 6 month old baby? Suddenly we’re rolling with the early bird

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