Celebrity Roundup: Wrong Direction

kim kardashian north west

Oh you guys.

This roundup pains me. It really does.

You see, 18 months or so ago, I made a promise to you all that a certain family would make no more appearances in the Celebrity Roundup or in my blog generally. Eighteen months I have largely ignored all the goings on of “The

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Celebrity Roundup: Your Crazy is Showing

what is wrong with amada bynes

What is wrong with Amanda Bynes? The other day, I posted the following on my Facebook page:



So, yes, Celebrity Roundup fans, today I’m going to focus mainly on the comedy and tragedy of Amanda Bynes.

I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. But she needs to be discussed, because maybe, just

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Celebrity Roundup: Reese Witherspoon Arrest Quotes

Reese witherspoon arrest quotes

I’ve been toying with the idea of having the celebrity roundup become a biweekly feature as celebrities have stopped being interesting and doing dumb stuff and on account of how many Justin Bieber posts can a girl write without starting to feel like a Belieber?

Today would technically be my “off” week,

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Celebrity Roundup: Busted

justin bieber smokes pot

GOOOOOD morning Celebrity Roundup friends! Today is brought to you by Einstein Bros Bagels Vanilla Hazelnut Iced Coffee which I recently discovered is 1) cheap 2) delicious 3) FILLED WITH CAFFEINE  4) right downstairs. So that is that. And that? is delicious.

It goes without saying that Einstein Bros Bagel Vanilla Hazelnut Iced Coffee will not

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Celebrity Roundup: Bieberific

Have you entered to win Heather McDonald’s new book? Contest ends 3/17!

Sometimes when I’m fixin’ to write the Celebrity Roundup, I have a whole bunch of stuff to talk about.

Other times when I’m fixin’ to write the Celebrity Roundup, I got nuthin’ so I just open up a new post, fire up

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Celebrity Roundup: Young Hollywood

my inappropriate life heather mcdonald giveaway

*tap tap*

“Is this thing on?”

Oh, hi. I didn’t see you there, waiting for the Celebrity Roundup for going on a month. Woops, my bad.

I could make lots of excuses why my favorite post of the week has been missing for so long. I could say it was because I have been

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Celebrity Roundup: Announcements Galore!

Y’all have probably realized by now that I’ve been ignoring my blog all week. It’s not that I don’t want to blog, it’s just….there is a baby to play with, and naps to be taken, and cheeseball to eat. You know, the regular Christmas things. So we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled blogworthy

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Celebrity Roundup: Potluck


Alright, this is going to be a quick-and-dirty very special episode of the Celebrity Roundup. I’m stuffing you, literally, and that’s not even a misuse of the word literally, picture me cramming celebrity news and gossip down your pie-hole. I’d draw you a picture but I don’t have time. I’m about a half hour

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Celebrity Roundup: Grumpy

Octomom rehab drama and yes we're going to talk about her

Alright, folks, I am well aware that this Celebrity Roundup is late. Way late. But y’all I’m grumpy.

You see, Sunday we went to Mickeys Not so Scary Halloween Party and stayed up WAY past our bedtime…shockingly, the baby was the one who had the least trouble after it. As it turns out, I’m not

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Celebrity Roundup: 1998 Called


I’m hanging out at home with my baby today because he’s feeling mildly sick. Now, normally, I’d probably fuss about this because I’m missing a day of work, but I’m considering this a dual mental health day/day off, even though we got up at 7 in the morning and watching a child isn’t really

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