10 Reasons I’m Ready for the Royal Baby


UPDATE: As of July 22, 2013, Kate Middleton is at the hospital fixing to pop OUT this Royal Baby child!!

Just stay here and get your updates. I’m embedding my fav Royal reporters here so you can just keep up with their live streams.

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Bump watches are fun, huh?

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Celebrity Roundup: Wrong Direction

kim kardashian north west

Oh you guys.

This roundup pains me. It really does.

You see, 18 months or so ago, I made a promise to you all that a certain family would make no more appearances in the Celebrity Roundup or in my blog generally. Eighteen months I have largely ignored all the goings on of “The

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Celebrity Roundup: Announcements Galore!

Y’all have probably realized by now that I’ve been ignoring my blog all week. It’s not that I don’t want to blog, it’s just….there is a baby to play with, and naps to be taken, and cheeseball to eat. You know, the regular Christmas things. So we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled blogworthy

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Celebrity Roundup: Oh Baby

Jessica Simpson very pregnant

I’m officially the mother of a 2-year-old. Yesterday was my little guy’s big day and we had a blast. If you followed along on Instagram (Hashtag #LukeTurns2) (my kid is so cool, he has a hashtag for his birthday party..whaaa???) you’ll see how much fun we had.

I posted some updates on Facebook with

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Celebrity Roundup: Everything but the kitchen sink


Happy Friday! You made it! Do a happy dance!


Well, did you do a happy dance?

I sure did because this week has absolutely FLOWN by, which means next week will be super slow and will make me want to cut someone, per usual.

One wonders why this week seemed so much faster

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Celebrity Roundup: PSA


You’ve made it to Friday! Congrats! That’s a huge accomplishment for us all and I think we all deserve a hug and a cookie.

I’m happy to see Friday get here because that means we have one week of pacifier-free living under our belts. WE’re taking it just fine, and generally, so is the

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Celebrity Roundup: Doubled Up


Did you miss Celebrity Roundup last week? Sorry guys, but I was having way too much fun laying around in my pool to write about celebrity gossip. The best part about a 5 day long staycation is that you get fun things done, like making an embroidered shirt for your son:


No, I

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Celebrity Roundup: Blushing brides


Did y’all miss the Roundup last week?

If you’re a fan of It’s Blogworthy on Facebook, (which you should be, what the heck is wrong with you?), you’ll know that I had an emergency department bbq. I’m sorry, but if I’m given the choice between an all-you-can-eat buffet of deliciousness and writing the Celebrity

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Celebrity Roundup: Blood feud


We’ve made it to another Friday. Let’s all take a moment to congratulate ourselves on such a wonderful achievement. From now on, we should all put “Make it to Friday” on our to-do list so that when Friday gets here and we’re still breathing, we can cross that off with a flourish.


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Celebrity Roundup: Sum of all fears


So it’s been quite a week for both Amanda and I. After how work has treated us both with long hours and grueling tasks… I think we both deserve a vacation in a beautiful destination along with a fruity drink and sand between our toes. But despite the hours we keep in the office… I

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