Savannah GA Virtual Tour

savannah virtual tour columbia square

Last week was Kelsey’s spring break, so we decided to take a short trip to our favorite place, Savannah GA. I don’t know what it is about that city that has me so  enchanted, but my husband and I can never get enough. Luke, however, can definitely get enough. Let’s just say our Savannah

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Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland Pictures

Saturday we were lucky enough to reserve a spot to see a preview of the Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland Preview at Walt Disney World.

We’re big Disney fans, and have had season passes about three out of the five years we’ve lived in Florida. My family made Walt Disney World a regular vacation spot,

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Baby’s First Disney Trip


Oh, have you guys heard? We love Disney World at our house.

We decided to get seasonal passes to Walt Disney World while Baby Blogworthy still gets in free. What does one do with a 15 month old baby at Walt Disney World? Honestly, not much.

We headed to Walt Disney World on Thursday

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1400 miles in photos


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Perfect Vacations Past and Present

waves on the shore in Cancun Mexico at sunset

It’s been  a year and a half since I had a proper vacation.

I mean, we’ve traveled for the weekend and taken day trips to the aquarium and checked out some fun festivals, but as far as an honest-to-God, sit my butt on a chair with my feet in the sand and a book

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Our Ghostly Father’s Day

In my Friday Celebrity Round-up, I talked about how my sanity was like an endangered species on the brink of extinction. My husband made an executive decision that we would take an impromptu trip to Savannah, one of our favorite places in the world, because that’s what the travel savings account is for, right?

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Anniversary Weekend Recap

Don’t you hate Mondays?

Don’t you hate them even more after you’ve had a fun weekend?

We celebrated our 4th anniversary this weekend at Disney’s Old Key West Resort.

Hey, did you guys know it’s sort of hard to do things with a 6 month old baby? Suddenly we’re rolling with the early bird

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Las Vegas: Two Tales of One City

Las Vegas. Disney World for adults.  What happens in Vegas….you know the rest.

I have many fond and not so fond memories from two separate trips to Sin City, so gather round ye olde blog, friends, and let me weave a couple tales of vacations past.

The first time I went to Vegas was

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Wordless Wednesday except with words: Savannah!

It’s almost back-to-school time for my hubby, and when summer begins to draw to a close, we’ve had a tradition of taking a mini-vacay the last weekend before he heads back. I had a half day Friday and after a nice lunch and nap, we decided to go to Savannah for the weekend. We’re

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Back from vacay, or, You mean I have to cook my own meals now?

Well y’all I’m back from my big adventure to the beautiful Caribbean. This was my second cruise, but Hubby’s first. Thanks to all the great bloggers who filled in for me: Jennifer from Crazy Shenanigans, Hutch from Be Awesome Instead and KLZ from Taming Insanity.

I just want to give you some highlights of

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