Birthday Boy

coca cola bottle 2-liter close up

Looking for the birthday boy?

It’s not the little guy crawling on the floor, although he’ll have a birthday soon enough.

No, look for the big guy with the same ears and chin as that little guy, crawling on the floor right next to him.

Yup, my two main men both have November birthdays

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The perfect wedding moment

wedding photo bubbles

I’m linking up today with Natalie for her wedding picture linkup! I mean, I rocked the bump and the baby, why not also rock the veil?

I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about my wedding photographer here on the blog, which is odd because it was a really awful experience and totally blogworthy.

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Funnies from Hubby: Part 2

On our anniversary, I wrote a post about how funny my hubby is. Since then, I’ve been keeping a list on my awesome Droid app called Evernote of all the funny, unexpected things he says that makes me giggle.

Hubby: What’s that on the baby monitor? What a strange sound. Maybe there’s a friendly

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Our Ghostly Father’s Day

In my Friday Celebrity Round-up, I talked about how my sanity was like an endangered species on the brink of extinction. My husband made an executive decision that we would take an impromptu trip to Savannah, one of our favorite places in the world, because that’s what the travel savings account is for, right?

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Happy Anniversary, my love

My husband is funny. Real funny.

Me and Hubby, 25 pounds and 4 years ago.

He’ll do and so almost anything to make me laugh. Sometimes I try to get really mad at him and it’s just not possible because he cracks a joke or makes a funny face.


I’ve been collecting

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Prince charming lives at my house

I was going to save this for my anniversary, but I decided to Pour my Heart Out today instead.

My husband is a living, breathing prince charming. No, it’s not because he’s super classy or rich or puts his boxers in the laundry basket. Or because he always puts his dishes in the dishwasher

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Having a baby on the way has apparently awoken a part in Hubby’s brain that has long been dormant, a part that loves Matchbox cars and video games. Maybe it’s the eager anticipation of having a little boy to pal around with, or maybe it’s that having a baby is a BIG FREAKING DEAL

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Don’t steal my idea!!!

Do you ever wish you were somebody like, say, the guy who invented Facebook? I mean he came up with some lame idea to basically stalk girls that he went to school with and now he’s a gazillionaire.

Or the coffee kiosk we saw on the Travel Channel show XTREME COFFEE SHOPS where girls

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How me became we: Why are we up so early? The proposal

Hubby and I dated for over a year and a half and had talked about marriage, but he always said he wanted to be able to afford a nice ring and just wasn’t able to at the time. I was like NO BIG DEAL, my life is not defined by what age I am

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How me became we: Love on AOL (volume 1)

Today is my third wedding anniversary. Three years ago, on a beautiful, sunny, 75 degree day, my hubby and I stood in front of a crap ton of our friends and family and said our “I dos”. It was pretty much perfect, but the story doesn’t start there.

After the break up with Ball

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