Guest Posting

Do you have a passion for TV, celebrity gossip, travel or stories about how motherhood is making us all crazy?

Do you want to virtually visit beautiful, sunny Florida (except not in the literal sense) (more like just your words visiting my blog) (although who doesn’t want to visit Florida)?

I’m ready to host you here on It’s Blogworthy! I’m accepting bloggers for select Tuesday and Thursday guest posting spots.


  • celebrity gossip &  news
  • television
  • motherhood/fatherhood
  • family life
  • life as a working mother
  • everyday life with a humorous twist


I’m not picky; I’m looking for great writing. Include any photos you’d like to post, a short bio, and any social media profiles you’d like me to link.  Post should be emailed before 9PM the night before your post will go up. I schedule my posts for 6:30 AM. Feel free to respond to comments on my blog — it helps foster the community atmosphere and might even make you a few friends!

Email me at itsblogworthy (at) gmail (dot) com if you’re interested!