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I’m just gonna pat myself on the back with these little gems. Enjoy.

Pinterest and the art of content curation

My Favorite Stranger

Crib Sheets

This is what you get when I’m tired

Yes, breastfeeding IS hard

They forgot to invite Shania Twain to the Olympics

Our Disney Sports Weekend (Volume 2): Econo Lodge ain’t playing

Pantry, you’re dead to me

Meet my mortal enemy, the fax machine

Kidney Stones are my worst enemy and other ER stories

Jake “The Bachelor” waxes poetic about nothing

I don’t have a door on my office, so I use these pictures instead

Thank you, Jesus, for The Bachelor

How Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer almost ruined my Christmas

On babies and their super fat cheeks

A lesson in patience


Or, if you’d rather, enjoy these guest posts!

Taming Insanity: Baby Talk

a belle, a bean and a chicago dog:  New  Packaging

Erin Margolin: Four O’clock Rock

And Nobody Told Me: …I might not bond with my son right away

Stephanie in Suburbia: Why I got a B.S. in Communications

Smells Like Borscht: We’re off the hook!

Studio 30 Plus: Being strong by admitting you’re weak 

From The Sidelines: Gator Hater