First Haircut

Sometimes you have a baby born with a little hair, and then that baby’s hair falls out and doesn’t really grow back in for two and a half years. And sometimes you look at that child, the one who was practically bald a year ago, and say, “He doesn’t need a haircut yet. His curls are so cute! He worked so hard on growing that hair. How can I cut it?”

One day, you look at your child and realize he’s starting to look a little unkept, as if he’s one of those dirty hillbilly babies that run around in a dirty diaper and no shoes, sporting a red Kool-Aid ring around their mouths…permanently.

photo copy 10


photo copy 9

Then you realize the time has come. It’s haircut time.

We took Luke to Disney for his first haircut because why not, right? They have a haircut package that includes some little mouse ears, a “certificate of bravery” and of course the haircut with the cutest little old school barber.

photo copy 7

See me in the back taking pictures and trying not to cry? Yeah….I cried.

photo copy 5


First curls cut off….*sob* and they gave them to us in a little baggie to take home. I think that might be one step closer to full hoarder status.

photo copy 4The finished product! He was given a whole roll of stickers and that Dusty Crophopper light up toy (“fan”) and thought he could keep the toy. We told him it was the Barber’s fan and he said, “HEY GUY, can I have your fan?” (Spoiler alert — he didn’t get it.)

Then he met his very favorite character in the entire universe other than Lightening McQueen and Buzz….Mickey.

photo copy 2The “New Mickey” at the meet-and-greet is interactive. He talks to the visitors with (what I imagine to be) pre-recorded messages depending on who is there. For Luke, Mickey asked him to say the magic words to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and did the hot dog dance with him. Well, LUke didn’t participate because he was IN SHOCK, but since then he’s been singing “Got Gog, Gog giggity Gog” like a mad man. Oh by the way, I cried during this too.

Then I cried when we were leaving the park because it was the last time we’d be there, just the three of us.

So, basically I cried all day EXCEPT for when I met my dear friend Greta!!! I’ve known her for years and years and like she said in her post, it feels like I know her already.


In case you’re wondering, 33 weeks pregnant is the limit for Disney Magic for me….see ya in a couple months, Magic Kingdom!



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4 comments to First Haircut

  • I know just how you feel! Brinky’s up to 3 haircuts now, but I’m such a slacker mommy that I wait really long between cuts until his curls grow and I start thinking how cute they are and don’t want to get rid of them. This last time was the first time we got it cut really short like a real boy, and while I was sad to get rid of the curls, it looks so much better.

    Luke looks so cute with his new haircut! And it looks like he was so good. I’m jealous of the cool Disney barber shop – and of the fact that you and Greta got to meet each other in person :)
    Katie E recently posted..Clothes? No, Thank You #iPPP

  • Oh my. I saw your reference to his first haircut, but eep! Even I have a hard time looking at the pictures. ;) (But wow, you lasted a long time! My little guy had his first at 11 months. He was just too shaggy.) He’s beautiful though, even if he looks like such a big boy now. :)
    Robin @ Farewell, Stranger recently posted..Missing: Inspiration

  • Greta

    I clearly remember the pictures from not so long ago (adorable little Charlie Brown, anyone?). And he did make it a long time! But he looks so handsome and what a little sweetheart. I said it before, but I loved sitting with you so much (it feels weird to say “meet you” because I felt like I already knew you!). And seriously… He’s so lucky to get his first haircut at WDW!

  • Haha! You are fanatics. But I totally cried at my kids’ first haircuts and have photos of it up with locks of hair (which sounds so creepy).
    Alex@LateEnough recently posted..I Ask: We Are Going To Disney World For The First Time, Help?

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