A Disney World Third Birthday

Before I get into an extremely picture heavy #IPPP post, can we discuss for one hot mintue that my child IS THREE YEARS OLD? Um, how? I am not the first mama to say that and I certainly won’t be the last, but time is getting faster and faster. It’s amazing and heartbreaking. Motherhood rules.


In October, I temporarily lost my mind and entertained the idea of a party for Luke. It was going to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed and I was going to get all Pinteresty on it and invite people…to my house….to eat. Immediately the anxiety kicked in because 1) my house is a mess and 2) what if nobody came? And on top of that, he doesn’t really¬†need any toys and doesn’t have a bunch of buds who are just dying to come over and play.

This party idea quickly turned into a family party at Disney world…because that’s what you do when you live in Florida. My sister came down to help us celebrate and gracious gifted Luke some Disney Vacation Club points for a nice hotel. We left Saturday morning and ate breakfast at Bob Evans which almost turned into a full on disaster because I hadn’t had coffee or eaten. Just another reminder that I’m an absolute joy to be around.

third birthday at disney worldHe choose this Donald hat all by himself.

third birthday at disney world

Mom and Dad terrified on Dumbo.

third birthday at disney world

This is what happens when you’re too excited to sleep the night before a trip.

Day 2

third birthday at disney


Birthday picture at the Polynesian Resort before a Character breakfast at Ohana.

birthday at ohana character breakfastNot so sure about Stich…he also met Lilo, Mickey and Pluto.

third birthday at disneyWatching a parade with Aunt Sis.

third birthday at disneyMy son perfecting the art of Duck Face.

third birthday at disneyHis first time riding the racecars…he got a red one that he thought was Lightening McQueen! (Could he¬†be any more “three”?)

third birthday at disney

Back home on Sunday opening his presents. This one was a MackTruck from Cars that holds Cars cars. I just said cars a whole lot. That’s what happens when you’ve seen it 140980 times.

third birthday at disney

And probably the best picture of the whole weekend (a picture of a picture from our good camera), Luke met one of this favorite characters and just about LOST HIS MIND.

It was pretty much a perfect birthday for my little guy — and much less stressful for mama.

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