Keep calm, it’s a girl

In case you missed the announcement, I’m having a little girl.

keep calm it's a girl

For the record, no, I will NOT keep calm, for a couple different reasons.

I have a little boy. I’m used to a little boy. They are easy. You just put on a pair of jeans and a graphic Tshirt, hand them a car, and let them do their thing. I get little boys. This is quite curious, as I’m as girly as they get AND I grew up with a sister and literally 0 boys in my life as a little girl, so what do I know from entertaining a boy? Turns out, the learning curve is very short for a boy. I’m still not 100% sure how to help him pee standing up, but we’ll get there.

On the other hand RUFFLES TUTUS PINK ANIMAL PRINT GLITTER NAIL POLISH TIGHTS BOWS RIBBONS TINY MARY JANES MINNIE MOUSE DOLLS PRINCESSES ZOMG!!!!! It’s my chance to dress my child as a mini me ARE YOU JOKING RIGHT NOW? IS THIS REAL LIFE? She will be 6 weeks old at Easter. No, that statement is important, you need to fully grasp what I’m trying to say….

I WILL HAVE A 6 WEEK OLD DAUGHTER TO DRESS UP IN HER EASTER FINEST. I just died of happiness and then woke up and died again when I thought about ALL THE RUFFLES.

So, I’m of two minds.

Anyway, the weekend we found out we had a girl, Kel went out and bought her a couple super precious outfits because he loves buying stuff for his kiddos and he knows how much I love ruffles. He is to girls as I was to a boy, so I hope the learning curve is just as short for him.

minnie mouse infant dress from targetcinderella dress target infantKel called me when he was out running errands one day and said, “just answer one question….Cinderella or Snow White?” And I’m like, DUH, Cinderella, she’s the OP (Original Princess) and the BEST princess….BUT WHY DO YOU ASK? Well, turns out he was picking out the sweet little outfits above for our baby girl. RIGHT?

Then we hit up the Just Between Friends consignment sale and lost our ever loving minds.

consignment clothes infant girl IMG_0078

Did you see her bathing suit? DID YOU SEE IT? I can’t even.

Add in my sewing skills and my Mom and Sister’s tutu making skills and this is going to be one ruffle butt kid. Keep calm, it’s a girl? No, I will certainly not.

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