How to reject maternity clothes and substitute your own

In the past 18 months or so, I have begun to appreciate fashion much more than I ever did before. There are a few reasons for this. First, I discovered thrifting and refashioning and realized I don’t have to spend a ton of money to look stylish. I also realized I could buy stuff on eBay for a song, including really amazing statement necklaces and nail polish. I also lost a whole bunch of weight, which gave me the confidence to pull off some clothing choices I hadn’t tried in the past.

Well, then I got pregnant again, which is wonderful, but left me incapacitated for several weeks (this durn baby girl…) When you can barely function long enough to change out of your PJs without nausea, it’s hard to put together a look, even with the aid of Pinterest. After I started feeling like myself again, I came to another realization — soon, I’d no longer be able to fit in my regular clothes.

But you see, I’m cheap. And I fundamentally disagree with the concept of maternity clothes. Besides the super comfy pants with the panel (which don’t even stay up on me) I think, by in large, maternity clothes are unnecessary until the last few months – and even then, I’ll stuff myself into some shirt until I can get home and put on Kel’s tshirts. Walk into a Motherhood Maternity, pick up any random tshirt and compare it to a long seamed tshirt from Kohl’s that was 60% off…no contest. Kohl’s all day long and twice on Sundays. No thanks, Motherhood Maternity.

So, here is how I’ve spent the past 23 weeks, fashion wise, and how I’ve learned to reject maternity clothes and substitute my own maternity style.

maternity styleOh yeah, for sure not maternity. Those are skinny jeans held together by a rubber band and a prayer. WORTH IT.

maternity style polka dot shirtThis was taken not long before those adorable capri pants were sadly retired until AB (after baby.)

maternity clothesNot a maternity maxidress..just a regular ol dress from Kohl’s on clearance that just happens to provide lots of room in the belly area. Or you could go to Motherhood Maternity and pay bunches of money for the same thing…your call.

maternity clothesI made this dress, OH YES I DID, from one of Kel’s old button up shirts. Sadly, this is another one that was getting dangerously too short only a few weeks ago. Maybe I’ll turn it into a tunic with some leggings.

maternity style

Large sized dress with lots of “give”? Check. Scarf? Check. Belt above the belly? Check.

maternity styleLord Jesus, those boots. My main motivation for skipping the spoonfuls of icing before bed is so that I can avoid getting “fat foot” and still wear these amazing boots until I pop.

maternity styleLOOKIT! Do NOT be afraid to wear tight fitting clothes when you’re preg. People want to see that belly, and as long as you’re not flashing your goods, what harm is there? Anyway, when they see your belly, they are less likely to try to touch it. FACT.

maternity styleI call this one, “Taylor Swift Picks Pumpkins in Nantucket on a Beautiful Fall Day.” Do they have pumpkin patches in Nantucket? Anyway, pictured: Stilla All Day Lip Stain from my Ipsy Glam Bag and that same leopard print scarf I’m obsessed with. Not pictured: THEM BOOTS Y’ALL.

This is how I’ve rejected traditional maternity style and just kept on pushing my belly into what I already have. It’s not frugality, it’s style. OR something like that.

Any bets on how long this will last?



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