Jelly Sandwich Nails Tutorial

It’s been awhile since I did a nail tutorial on It’s Blogworthy. That doesn’t mean I have been neglecting my nails — oh, no, not at all. Although I’m now a Jamberry Nail Wrap Independent Consultant and rockin’ some of the coolest nail art around (as well as going chip-free for DAYS — literally days on end without so much as a smudge), I still want to do a little of the traditional polish now and then. I discovered a new (to me) twist on the regular manicure — jelly sandwich nails.

Fall is unofficially here; Florida will go ahead and hang on to the summer weather for a few more months. Me? I’m switching to fall colors right now, just because. That applies to my polishes, too. I dug through my stash this weekend and found my Essie Fall 2012 Stylenomics collection for a start. I remembered loving Skirting the Issue (on the right, below), and decided to pair it with a glitter from the ELF holiday collection 14-piece set (on the left, below) for my jelly sandwich nails.

jelly sandwich nail tutorial

Skirting the Issue is  a deep burgundy jelly, which means the color has a built-able, translucent look. To get full opacity, you need several coats. I used four the first time I tried it. I’m not particularly a fan of jelly polishes just because they seem to take forever to build up and never give you a completely opaque look. It was a bit streaky for me. A few polish bloggers have done jelly sandwich nails and I always thought they looked great, so I gave it a shot.

Jelly Sandwich Nails Tutorial

  1. Coat your nails with a base coat, then add 2 coats of your favorite jelly nail polish. Again, I used Essie’s Skirting the Issue, but you could use any sheer or jelly polish in any color.
  2. Let the jelly polish dry completely.
  3. Coat your nails with your favorite glitter polish. Each type of glitter polish will give your nails a different look. The ELF polish above has micro-glitter in red, green, purple and cold with some larger hex glitter pieces in silver, kept together with a clear base. Using this type of glitter for jelly sandwich nails can be tough because you have to place the individual pieces of glitter where you want them.
  4. Let the glitter polish dry completely.
  5. Add a third, very thin coat of your jelly polish. This will tone down the glitter (for those of us who don’t love rocking glitter, which clearly isn’t me) and give your manicure depth.
  6. Add a shiny topcoat (I love Seche Vite quick dry topcoat.)

That’s it! I love the way my jelly sandwich nails turned out. It looks like the glitter is suspended in the polish!

jelly sandwich nails tutorial


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