Guilt free Pregnancy Snack: Green Giant Veggie Chips

When I was pregnant three years ago, I truly thought I had a blank check, nutritionally, to eat whatever I wanted. Huge bowls of ice cream? Daily sonic slushes? Cheese fries?  Half a pizza? All fair game, people, all guilt free pregnancy snack because I had no guilt. My reasoning was this: I was “eating for two” (myth) and I’d already gained what my doctor said was “too much weight”, so why not gain ALL the weight? Skinny was for people who were not baking a baby and that did not apply to me, so please pass the ranch dressing.

I found myself about a year and a half later at the heaviest I’d ever been not pregnant. I was about 160 pounds on a 5’2″ frame, and I didn’t feel cute, pretty or comfortable. I lost close to 30 pounds over the course of another 18 months, up until I found myself pregnant again three months ago.

I knew from the get-go I needed to eat smarter if I wanted to avoid an 70+ pound weight gain. I had high blood pressure the last few months of my last pregnancy, and that wasn’t healthy. Of course, my healthy-eating plan was derailed with the terrible morning sickness, but now that I’m over the hump, I’m watching what I eat.

green giant chips guilt free pregnancy snacking

How though? When you are eating (chomp) all (chomp) the (chew) time (bite.) Constant hunger means having lots of fruit and healthy snacks on hand — nuts, Wheat Thins, string cheese and the like — for the times when it’s either eat something or vomit. I think we all would choose the former.

I was so excited to try the Green Giant Veggie Chips. I got to try two new guilt free pregnancy snack flavors: Roasted Veggie tortilla chips in Garden Ranch and Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips in barbecue flavor. I opened the Garden Ranch on a Saturday afternoon and promptly ate half a bag. Woah, slow down there, preggo.

I think that tells you just how good they are. Green Giant Veggie Chips are made from real vegetables and have a crisp taste with just enough flavor. You really get a taste for the veggies (including roasted bell pepper, carrot and broccoli) in the chip, with a slight sweetness that goes great with the tang of the ranch. I loved these dipped in hummus. But what don’t I like dipped in hummus? These chips have no trans fat and only 130 calories per serving (which is 10 chips — enough to satisfy the most ridiculous pregnancy craving.)

The multigrain sweet potato chips had a unique flavor with the same sweet/savory combo that I really love. These chips were a little lighter texture, much like baked chips, but had a satisfying crunch. These whole grain chips are made with real sweet potatoes. I didn’t dip these with anything, but these are a great addition to a sandwich. And a bonus? Toddlers love them. At least mine does.

green giant with toddler


My child, plotting how he can take these yummy chips away from me and eat them by himself.

Although these veggie chips are made from real veggies, they aren’t a replacement for veggies (of course) but they are a great snack or side for lunch. The chips are lighter than traditional chips, and don’t have the greasy/powdery mess after you eat them. Green Giant Chips are a great way to keep my pregnant belly full without ingesting as much fat and calories as I would from a bag of Lays.

I really enjoyed snacking on this chips as a guilt-free pregnancy snack.

What is your favorite guilt-free snack?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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