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We have some news in the Austin house:

fun pregnancy announcement

This is the fun pregnancy announcement we shared two weeks ago on Facebook, Instagram and all forms of social media except, amazingly enough, my blog. I’m not one for creating excuses for not posting because that really isn’t helpful to anyone, but if I was going to create an excuse, this would be a good one, right?

Turns out, the one thing that will keep me from blogging is a second baby.

Anyway, here is a quick recap of my first twelve weeks of pregnancy:

  • Found out I was pregnant the day my in-laws arrived from West Virginia for a week. We were excited because we could tell them all at once (all the Moms and Dads.) We bought Luke a “Big Bro” shirt and let him run around while the parents chatted. Finally they realized what was going on. Much happiness and joy.
  • Two weeks later, morning sickness (i.e. all day nausea that made me wish I could throw up) rendered me useless. Medicine was prescribed, which made me marginally better. Started craving the following: lo mein noodles, fried rice, cheese fries, pizza, cheesecake. Started having aversions to: salad, fresh fruit, anything healthy. I turn into a fat kid when I’m pregnant.
  • One week after, got a herniated disk WHILE SLEEPING. Like, who does that? And since I could take NOTHING worthwhile to numb the pain, I suffered for several days (no sleeping) before waving my white flag and spending 11 hours in the emergency room on a Friday night because clearly I still know how to party. I got some major (pregnancy safe) pain pills and an order for PT. Two days later, I was feeling better — it’s amazing what a little sleep can do for a person.
  • Four days later, my child decided he hated sleeping and enjoyed throwing up in his crib out of anger. Like, WHO DOES THAT? 
  • Two week slater, we caught a family cold. Again, I can take nothing that can help me.
  • Three weeks later, we took this fun pregnancy announcement picture. It took three days to convince my husband to participate. Isn’t he a good sport? I love him. He even did the font treatment.

Today, twelve weeks, three days, I’m feeling better than I have in three months. Maybe it was the bagel and coffee, or maybe it’s the “Golden Period” of pregnancy. I am already showing. I swear I can feel the baby, but it could be gas or some other random pregnancy thing my body is doing. Last time I was all, “ZOMG pregnancy! It’s magical! It’s a miracle! Let’s go shopping for maternity clothes!” This time I’m all, “Can’t wait for 28 more weeks of heartburn.”

Now, I’m sure you’re asking, “Amanda, would you like a boy or a girl?” And I will tell you frankly and honestly, I would like a boy; my opinion is confirmed every time I clean up 10123 Matchbox cars from the floor. I mean, we already have boy stuff, right? However, Kelsey and I have both been referring to “Sweet Pea” as “she” and everyone, literally everyone I tell, has responded, “I bet it’s a girl.” I even have a girl name picked out. Which means I’m probably pregnant with a boy.

Look, it’s a bathroom selfie, y’all!

bump or bagel

Sorry for the disjointed word spew, but I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. I’ll be blogging at Everyday Family about my pregnancy starting in September, so I hope you’ll join me on my “journey” there. Or, come back here for more celebrity gossip, makeup reviews and refashions (now with 100% more maternity-wear!)

So, what’s your guess — boy or girl?

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4 comments to Bun in the Oven

  • Boys are SO FUN, which you know – but girls are something special :) I just pray that you have a beautiful and healthy baby! I know you will love he or she unconditionally no matter what :) So excited for you! Luke is going to be an amazing big brother. Tristan & Kate are BEST FRIENDS.. makes my heart smile every single day :) Such an amazing blessing!
    Miranda recently posted..MID-WEEK RANDOMS!

  • Can I be annoying and just hope it’s healthy?

    Nah, I’m guessing a boy for now. But we’ll have to keep a look at the belly. My mom told me if you look pregnant from behind, it’s a girl. If you carry it all in front, it’s a boy. And that was right for me. And a couple friends.

    But who knows? Old wife’s (wives?) tales and all.

    Congratulations Amanda!
    Roxanne recently posted..I think my grass is dying. Can I borrow a watering can?

  • Congrats!!!! I’m guessing GIRL!

  • I saw this sweet announcement on Facebook and have been thrilled for you ever since.
    I know there are legions of “one and done-ers” in this world who are perfectly happy with a singleton.

    But for me, there’s absolutely nothing like the love of a sibling.
    My two babies are still each other’s best friends.

    The greatest gift I ever gave to anyone.

    So I’m wishing you a smooth pregnancy with lots of lo mein and cheesecake.
    Because you look ADORABLE, girl.


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