Fresh Effects BB Cream Review

Today I’m sharing my review of the Oil of Olay Fresh Effects BB cream I got for testing purposes in my Sunkissed VoxBox from Influenster.

I’ve been hearing about BB Cream for a long time. The first time I read an article about it, I was perplexed, but people raved so much that it piqued my interest. It seemed like the miracle product for makeup lovers all over the world. Hydrates? Perfects? Protects? Gives you a glow? I’M IN.

I didn’t try any for several months because there were so many options for bb creams and I wasn’t sure where to start. I got Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm from my Birchbox in January and was eager to try. I had friends raving about it, and some who actually bought the full size after they tried the sample. What can I say? I was underwhelmed. It barely covered my uneven skin tone, and I couldn’t tell any marked difference in the quality of my skin. I guess part of the problem I have with BB creams and BB beauty balms are that they are essentially tinted moisturizers, which is great and helpful, but when you’re used to fuller coverage foundations, it can leave a girl feeling naked in the facial area.

I was really excited to give an Oil of Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream review when I got my Sunkissed VoxBox. I adore Oil of Olay products (Regenerist is the most amazing micro-sculpting cream EVAH; it’s in a rotation with Aveeno Positively Radiant Night Cream on mah face.)

olay fresh effects bb cream review


Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream review

Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream has 6 skin-perfecting benefits: refreshing, brightening, evens tone, hydrates (for 24 hours), smoothes and protects. Sounds perfect, right? I put it on just like I do my favorite foundation, Rimmel Match Perfection.

In case you’re wondering, yes, that cat is clearly obsessed with me and jumps up on the counter every time I put my makeup on. His name is Sushi. And yes, I’m still using Vine.


Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream price: $11 to $17; available at drugstores or discount stores everywhere.


  • The fragrance is the first thing I noticed, and possibly my favorite part of the Fresh Effects BB Cream. It has a light, clean scent.
  • The consistency was great. The Fresh Effects bb cream was light and blend able, so there weren’t any streaks or heaviness on my skin.
  • The Fresh Effects BB Cream left my skin feeling super soft and not greasy.


  • As much as I wanted to, I did not notice my skin looking any brighter or more glowing than with my heavier and fuller coverage foundations.
  • After wearing it for a few hours, it seemed to get “dewy” i.e. sliding off my face. I have notoriously oily skin, plus, duh, I live in Florida, aka the humidity capital of the US.
  • My skin still looked uneven and dull.
  • There is a chance it made my face breakout, which almost never happens. It could be the weather or stress, so I’m not going as far as saying Fresh Effects BB Cream caused the breakouts but just….be warned.
  • After I removed it with my regular cleanser, my skin didn’t feel any softer or more hydrated; I presumed it would because the product “hydrates for 24 hours”

The cons just barely outweigh the pros, and as far as BB Creams go, this one is pretty affordable. Here is my before and after pic — first with no makeup, second with the same makeup I normally wear, but with Fresh Effects BB cream instead of my normal foundation.

oil of olay fresh effects bb cream

If you’re a heavy foundation kind of girl and are looking for something slightly lighter for summer, this might not be the product for you. However, if you don’t typically wear makeup or want a product that will , the Fresh Effects BB cream might be a great fit for you without breaking the bank.

Have you tried BB cream? What’s your favorite?

I was selected to receive Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream complimentary from Influenster for review and testing purposes. I was not compensated any other way. All opinions are my own.

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2 comments to Fresh Effects BB Cream Review

  • I am right there with you girl. My skin tone is blotchy and I have some lovely acne scars, as well as the occasional bit of acne, so I need the full coverage foundation. (Shout out to MAC Studio Fix Powder. Holla!) I did try BB Cream once last year and I was so disappointed. I can’t remember which one it was but it was from Sephora. I did breakout from it and the coverage was lame. I just wanna be like the sassy girls in the BB Cream commercials with the perfect skin. Is that too much to ask??
    Jayme recently posted..Stay Cool & Healthy This Summer

  • This doesn’t sound good at all from the cons. I have sensitive skin and if it made you break out I’m sure it will me!

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