DIY Vintage Button Necklace

It’s about time I rekindle the refashioning on this blog, what say you? 

My good friend Marsha (of the DIY glass etching post) is an avid Pinner and has really great style. She loves jewelry and DIY as much as me, so we always love talking about our projects.  Marsha  sent me this DIY vintage button tutorial after I noticed her fabulous statement necklace, and I just had to share with you. This DIY vintage button necklace tutorial is perfect for some indoor summer crafts, or for the girl who likes statement necklaces but isn’t sure if she can rock the look. Baby steps into style, people. This DIY vintage button necklace will get peoples’ attention and add some style and whimsy to your outfit! Take it away, Marsha!


diy vintage button necklace

First let me start by saying I am really lucky to come from a crafty, DIY, sewing family.  My grandma had a drawer full of buttons there had to be at least 5000 buttons in there.  We use to love to run our fingers through those buttons and look at them.   When she passed away, my mom (the most into sewing of all the 5 daughters) inherited the buttons.  One day I saw a button necklace on Pinterest and it rekindled some fond memories of my grandma.  I decided to make a bib necklace with her vintage buttons. My mom had added to the collection over the years and graciously allowed me to use the buttons as long as I made one for her.

You will need:

  • Felt
  • Vintage buttons
  • Hot glue gun
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Necklace chain with a clasp

These DIY vintage button necklaces were so easy and the hardest part was choosing what colors to use.  I made the following themes for my DIY vintage button necklace:  navy, yellow, cream/pastels, gold and silver.

Once I decided on a color scheme I took some larger base buttons and laid them on a piece of felt.  I started making a crescent shape once I had the basic shape/ size I started gluing them to the felt.

diy vintage button necklace


I used some of the cream ones and white ones to fill in the spaces on the lighter necklaces. Once I had the base I started filing in with smaller accent buttons with interesting designs, shapes or ones that added color. I once I was done with one, I cut off the felt roughly and made another.

diy vintage button necklace



And another! This nautical themed navy DIY vintage button necklace is the perfect summer vintage button necklace

On this one I used a few other odds and ends I found like this tiny key and the types of stud buttons they just on jeans.

diy vintage button necklace

Once I was done I cut them out very closely and just sewed on some chain.  I bet you could use hot glue but I figured since my grandma quilted by hand I better opt for a  few hand stitches!

diy vintage button necklace

Here is a better picture of the backs of the DIY vintage button necklace. The links were easy to stich on using a needle and thread (and some good knots!)

diy vintage button necklace 6

Here are few things I learned and would do differently.

  • Don’t be afraid of hot glue use lots of it. This will add some weight to so it lays correctly when you are done, and you want it to be firm.
  • I wouldn’t have made them so wide mine are 4 1/2  to 5 1/2 inches , and I think 3 to 4 1/2 would be better.  
  • I also wouldn’t make them so pointy on the ends I would round them a little more.  They feel more comfortable.

Thanks Grandma Hendricks for teaching me to sew and saving all those buttons.  I love to tell people I made these and these were my grandma’s buttons.  I feel like she is with me.


Love this tutorial and I’ll be making it as soon as I can get my hands on some buttons! Thank you Marsha for the great tutorial and pictures. Follow her on Pinterest because she pins great stuff!

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