Celebrity Roundup: Your Crazy is Showing

What is wrong with Amanda Bynes? The other day, I posted the following on my Facebook page:


what is wrong with amanda bynes


So, yes, Celebrity Roundup fans, today I’m going to focus mainly on the comedy and tragedy of Amanda Bynes.

I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. But she needs to be discussed, because maybe, just maybe, the reason she’s continuing to carry on this way is because It’s Blogworthy’s Celebrity Roundup has largely ignored her goings on for the past two weeks and she’s acting out for attention…from me. Also, I can’t pretend anymore that celebrities are doing anything even mildly entertaining. I mean, TMZ and US Magazine care only about She Who Shall Not Be Named giving birth to Kanye West’s child soon and I AM SO OVER IT. Really, how many pictures  of celebrities in bikinis can a person look at before her crazy starts showing?

what is wrong with amada bynes

The most recent showing of crazy for Miss Amanda Bynes, former Nickelodeon starlet and retired, then not retired, then retired actress, started when she was arrested last Thursday night for reckless endangerment, marijuana possession and felony tampering with evidence. Can I mention she’s we

aring a terrible blonde wig? Because she totally was. That’s the real crime here. The cops arrestedThe judge let her go because (she claims) they found no bong or evidence of pot at the scene.

Later, (what is wrong with!) Amanda Bynes said the cop “slapped her vagina” — I’ll pause now and allow you to put your hand over your mouth in shock, clutch your pearls and/or shake your head in disgust and sympathy — and said she would sue the cops for sexual harassment. And the NYPD denied that claim because that’s ridiculous.

Amanda Bynes has made it abundantly clear that somebody needs to take her phone away from her before she makes things worse (as if that could happen, but I’m not putting it past her.) In the past week, she’s tweeted at Rihanna, telling her that Chris Brown abused Rihanna because she’s ugly (WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMANDA BYNES) Rihanna responded with a tongue in cheek “Ya see what happens when they cancel Intervention ” (I didn’t know it was cancelled…) and then Amanda responded “I”m rubber and you’re glue” fashion, “Unlike ur fugly faced self I dont’ do drugs! U need the intervention dog!” (WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMANDA BYNES)

Amanda later told Twitter the tweets in question were “mocked up” from fans (HUH?) and it wasn’t her saying those incredibly terrible things about Rihanna, then claimed she’s allergic to marijuana and alcohol, and that she’s an educated (debatable..) multimillionaire who knows better than to speak to perverted unjust cops without [her] lawyer. Right. (What is wrong with Amanda Bynes!?)

Then she:

your crazy is showing what is wrong with amanda bynes

Scraping the very bottom of that celebrity gossip barrel for one and done!

Happy Weekend!



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5 comments to Celebrity Roundup: Your Crazy is Showing

  • I would gladly slap Amanda Bynes in her vagina if I could then move on and slap her upside her head several thousand times. It’s just so sad.

  • Two quick thoughts… First, who in the world would have thought that Hillary Duff would be the “normal” one of all the child actors?!

    Second, when the hell is “she who shall not be named” finally having this kid. I am so over hearing about it already. Also? I wonder if the still-husband will send a gift. I hope so… and I hope it’s good. ;)

  • Lisa

    Do you think it’s really her Twitter? I’ve been thinking it was a fake account, just trying to get some attention.

    • Amanda

      That’s a very good point. I think she’s said it was, but I’m not sure it’s verified? The stuff seems so off the wall that I question it too.

  • Being slapped in the vagina will make you do crazy things. Like jump on a trampoline in Buffalo. That girl needs a hug.

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