Summer Summer Summertime

The smell of chlorine and sun block. Flip flops and tank tops. Late evenings on the patio. Tea brewed in big glass jars in the sun. Yep, summer…she is here.

I am a big fan of summer. It’s my happy place; my worry-free zone. And while I know that in just a few months i’ll be complaining again about how hot it is, like I do every single year, I’m going to spend the first part of June in my honeymoon phase of summer, when walking outside, putting on my sunnies and walking out the door puts a smile on my face.

This weekend, we spent the better part of a full day getting our pool ready for floating. It was not fun, but how can I complain? I’m in my bathing suit doing yardwork. I mean, any activity that requires a bathing suit is ok with me. I love Florida because of my pool.

Before and after. Grossed out? I


Summer makes me think of pools and bathing suits, but also food. Of course it does, think about to things nonstop: nail polish and food. Another amazing part of Florida? PUBLIX. Oh yeah….fried chicken from the deli? Cheese balls with crackers? Pasta salad? Corn on the cob? Steaks on the grill? HOT DOGS? Publix is my jam for all this and more. It’s time to stock up on all your munchines with the Running Out? Run In event! Until May 31, when you buy $30 in participating General Mills products, you will receive a $10 Publix gift card for your next shopping trip.

We stocked up on Hamburger Helper, Suddenly Salad, Bounty Paper Towels (for wiping barbecue sauce off your mouth during our next cookout) Yoplait light yogurt with granola and other General Mills goodies for our summer fundays. Need a headstart for your summer stockup? I have a $25 Publix gift card for one lucky reader! (keep reading peeps!)

Sitting here under our pergola feeling the soft evening breeze and the heat of the fire pit (also writing a blog because technology rules) I feel so blessed to live in Florida, living another summer…which, in case you’re wondering, gets even better when a toddler is involved. Life is good.

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