Savannah GA Virtual Tour

Last week was Kelsey’s spring break, so we decided to take a short trip to our favorite place, Savannah GA. I don’t know what it is about that city that has me so  enchanted, but my husband and I can never get enough. Luke, however, can definitely get enough. Let’s just say our Savannah GA virtual tours weren’t his cup o tea. He’s more of a cars and dinosaurs kind of guy.

I”ve been begging Kelsey to go on a walking tour of the city for the past few trips, but they have always been during too hot or too cold times. We’ve done the trolley tours, and they are great, but I love being able to stroll down the shaded streets and soak in the history. We bought a book called Sojourn in Savannah by Kim Traub Ribbens that includes four walking tours and a map of the historic district. BEcause we had the toddler in tow, we choose one of the shorter walks. It gave me a chance to do my own little Savannah GA virtual tour on Instagram and Vine (an aside about Vine: I haven’t figured out the best use of this platform until now; it’s the perfect solution for when you need more than a picture, but less than a video.)

Our walk took us to Columbia Square.

savannah virtual tour columbia square

There must have been a wedding here the day before because there were petals in the fountain. Luke enjoyed tossing the ones in the ground into the Columbia Square fountain. Note: this is as much fun as he had the whole time.

Next, we walked up State Street.

We saw the Kehoe House, a bed and breakfast (or maybe just a bed…) that only accepts peeps older than 21. Sorry, Luke.

savannah virtual tour kehoe house

On our Savannah GA Virtual Tour, we passed the Owens-Thomas House and this amazingly gorgeous garden. Why isn’t this my life? I was born to be a person with a lux garden like this (and the kind of person who hires a gardener to tend to it.) (I currently do not employ anyone who tends to anything.)

savannah virtual tour owens-thomas house garden   At some point, we got to Oglethorpe Square.

And Reynolds Square!

And the Green-Meldrim House which is right next door to a lovely Southern courtyard beside St. John’s Episcopal Church.

savannah virtual tour green meldrim house family

virtual tour of savannah green meldrim house

Later on our Savannah GA Virtual Tour, we took a quick drive down River Street:

And also got a quick shot of the Old Cotton Exchange, where gotten prices were set before the Civil War.

savannah virtual tour old cotton exchange


Of course, no Savannah GA Virtual Tour would be complete without a trip to our favorite place to eat, Moon River.


And some ice cream at Leopolds:

savannah virtual tour leopolds

As usual, we didnt’ have enough time and I’m itching to go back again.

Have you been to Savannah? What are your favorite places in the city?

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