Thanks, I got it on eBay: How to shop on eBay mobile

I’ve made it abundantly clear that I love shopping on eBay mobile. EBay mobile makes it easy — almost TOO easy — to find great stuff on eBay. I mean, one time I bought nail polish during a meeting and nobody knew. Well, now they do. Sorry, boss, for ordering nail polish during a meeting! Not to pat myself on the back, but I believe I’ve turned how to shop on eBay into an art form.

I’ve had a few people ask me how I find clothes, jewelry, accessories and polish on eBay and it doesn’t  cost me a fortune. Truly, the only thing I’ve ever bought on eBay mobile that cost more than $10 was my FitBit Zip, and that was less than $40. Today, I want to spill my secrets about how to shop on eBay, find great items, obsessively hoard accessories and nail polish, and show your style without losing your home because you’ve spent too much money…because costume jewelry doesn’t pay the mortgage, y’all.

How to shop on eBay mobile: Ground rules

  1. Download the eBay mobile app for iOS or Droid and connect your PayPal or bank account. EASY. DANGEROUS.
  2. Make a list of items you want (maybe from Pinterest outfit ideas, style bloggers, Instagram, etc.) Search for things you like and save them as Saved Searches.
  3. Set your limits and know how much you’re willing to spend. Make your limit super, super low and only buy an item if it’s one-of-a-kind and something you HAVE to have. I guarantee that 90% of the things you’ll find /buy on eBay do NOT fall into the HAVE TO HAVE category. *Extreme willpower necessary*
  4. Use the Buy Now option for the best deals.
  5. If you’re bidding, set your bid at the maximum amount you’re willing to spend and don’t go back. If someone bids more, IGNORE THAT NOTIFICATION (I know, it’s super difficult!) and search for a smilar item. Eventually, you’ll get what you want.
  6. Be patient. Don’t obsessively check your bids although the app makes it incredibly easy to do so. How to shop on eBay mobile takes a lot of willpower.
  7. Don’t pay more on eBay mobile that you would in a store or thrift shop. For instance, I have a saved search for flats and ain’t no way I’m paying what these people are asking when I could get them for a fraction of the price in a store.
  8. Factor in shipping. It’s not a good deal if you’re paying more than the cost of the item in shipping.
  9. The filter is your friend. Filter your saved searches for exactly the item you want. Filter in price, shipping, condition and location in your saved search — that way, when you browse your saved searches, you’ll see only the items you want.
  10. You get what you pay for, and don’t forget that. If you pay less than $5 for a necklace, it might break, but with some ingenuity and needle nosed pliers, anything is fixable.
tips for how to shop on ebay mobile and save a ton of money

How to shop on eBay mobile: A step-by-step visual guide

Open your eBay mobile app. See that you have nothing in the buying category. Decide to remedy that.

how to shop on ebay

Check your saved searches for newly posted bargains in a variety of categories. Consider momentarily that you have a problem. Decide saving money is not ao problem.

Get a little woozy over all the blue dots. That means there’s something new.

how to shop on ebay

Take a trip down memory lane to show your readers how to shop on eBay mobile using saved searches.

how to shop on ebay

Click to embiggen

Start refining your search by clicking the refine button and choosing your options (note — price range on the filter doesn’t include shipping, so consider that when you’re perusing your listings.)

how to shop on ebay

Keep refining. Determine where you’d like to purchase your item:

how to shop on ebay

Keep refining….

Go back to your searches. Find one you like.

how to shop on ebay

In this case, the seller has 20 different necklaces in stock, so you have to choose the item number. There may also be options for size or color. CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY.

how to shop on ebay

Click purchase. If you’re already linked your PayPal, just click Place Order and you’re done!

how to shop on ebay

Smile and be happy because in 5 to 30 days you’ll be getting some lovely accessories, clothing or nail polish, and who doesnt’ love a mail call?

Any questions? Leave ‘em in the comments!

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