Red black and neutral outfits

Although I’m getting “Pinspired” to try new styles, and Pinterest is helping me decide what I’m going to wear every day (“hold on, have to go check Pinterest for my outfit of the day”) I find myself navigating toward certain looks. I get stuck on color combinations for a couple weeks before I move on to something else. I’m OK with it, but it’s kind of funny looking back at my style diary (I’m collecting all my looks on Tumblr for later, if you’d like to follow along) and seeing the same colors over and over. Lately, it’s red black and neutral outfits. yes, leopard print is a neutral.

I am kind of obsessed with the color red and always have been. I’ve owned two red cars. I have about 30 different colors of red or pink nail polish. My favorite shoes are (you guessed it) red. Bright, orange/red (Poppy Red) is one of the Pantone colors this spring. Red black and neutral outfits fit right in. TO me, it’s a great way to transition from winter (or as we say in Florida, “winter”) to spring (or as we say in Florida, “pre-Summer”.)

Here are three of my favorite red black and neutral outfits of late.

Red black and neutral outfit Inspired by this look from my Boot Bonanza Pinterest board:

red gray neutral 3

Red shirt from Old Navy, refashioned pencil skirt, skinny belt from Body Central, necklace from Premier Jewelry, boots from Rack Room Shoes.

Next up, my red black and neutral outfit inspired by this look on my Boot Bonanza Pinterest board.

red black and neutral outfit

Red cardigan from NY and Co, same skinny belt from Body Central, button up black shirt from NY and Co, bracelets from a consignment sale, refashioned black skirt, necklace via eBay (same one in this post.) Same boots as above.

Last but certainly not the least, this red black and neutral outfit is from my Animal Print Passion Pinterest board inspired by this look. Not exactly the same, but I was inspired by the colors and pattens she used. And I needed an excuse to wear these new red leggings.

red black and neutral outfit

Black shirt from who knows where, it’s about a billion years old and probably also from NY and Co. Scarf from a cute little boutique in Savannah, earrings from eBay, leggings…well I could lie and tell you these leggins were from some very expensive store, or even from Target, but they are not. They are from Walmart. Yes, I’m wearing Walmart leggings and no, I don’t feel bad about it.

What styles do you see yourself wearing over and over again?

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