Unique Valentines Day Gifts I’d love to get

You know, I can’t sit here and tell you that I love Valentine’s day. I mean…it’s ok. I love pink and red and chocolate. Who doesn’t love cards? Unique Valentines day gifts are cool. Flowers are nice. Jewelry is pretty. But if I told you I felt especially excited about any of those things, I’d be lying straight to your face. Except for the chocolate…I am excited about chocolate.

unique valentines day giftsMy first Valentine’s Day with Kelsey was really special. I was on my way back from a trip to visit my best friend in DC and when I walked into the house, there were rose petals  shaped like a heart, candles, a bubble bath just for me, chocolate and roses. We went out to a lovely romantic dinner and got dressed up in our nicest clothes. Of course, all this happened about 2 months after we started dating so of course he had something to prove. When the next Valentine’s Day rolled around, I let him in on a little secret: I was indifferent to Valentine’s Day. From then on, we went to dinner (often the day before as to avoid the crowds, because crowds by-in-large are NOT romantic) and bought a bunch of chocolate the day after and called it a day.

If I cared about Valentine’s Day — and I don’t — I’d want something cute, customized and special. Unique Valentine’s Day gifts are the way to go. For instance, a heart shaped pizza. I’d really enjoy a heart shaped pizza right now, frankly.

Here are a few ideas for some cute, creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for your friends, family or kids…or send this to your husband as a casual hint.

Origami Owl Necklaces

I am a big jewelry addict, but I’ve never seen something quite as unique, lovely and personal as Origami Owl Necklaces. My sorority sis, Jennifer, is an Origami Owl independent consultant and she turned me on to this new (to me) kind of necklace.

Origami Owl has customizable ”living lockets” that show off the things you love. You choose the locket type and the charms, gemstones and plates you’d like to go in them. Charms can be added later, sort of like a charm bracelet. I am totally in love with this concept because I believe jewelry that tells a story is the most special jewelry of all. They are totally gorgeous and I’m in love! You can buy them from her store here….stop by and take a look at all the adorable charms for this unique valentines day gift.

Here are a few examples:

creative valentines day gifts

creative valentines day gift

creative valentines day gifts

Tervis Tumbler

I didn’t want anything for my birthday last year because it wasn’t a great birthday (32) and I felt like spending the extra cash wasn’t really worth it. Kel ended up getting me a Tervis Tumbler and I’m in love. They are unbreakable and keep items hot or cold for hours. They are amazing and I love mine. This Tervis Tumbler has cute heart designs and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. As a plus? It can be toted around all day so that person knows how much you love them. Buy it here for 30% off regular price!

Buy it here for 30% off regular price!

Photo Fleece Blanket

I got the email for this next one and was just blown away. York Photo has this adorable personalized fleece blanket for only $20 — plus, you get 40 free prints along with your order. The lightweight poly-fiber fleece blanket is 40X60″, is machine washable. Why wear a Snuggie when you can WRAP UP IN PICTURES OF YOUR KIDS!? Simply precious. Here’s just one example:

unique valentines day gifts

York Photo lets you design your own or use free templates.

Buy it here for more than 56% off regular price + free prints

Tell me, what are your unique valentines day gift ideas? Leave em here!

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