Mini Deep Dish Pizza Recipe

mini deep dish pizza bitesMy love of appetizers is deep and unending. There is no hurt in the world that can’t be cured with a whole mess of cheese fries or other types of potatoes covered in cheese. What about cheeses dips? Mini sliders? Tiny mushrooms stuffed with crab? Wontons? Make it tiny and it immediately tastes better. I mean, I could go on — really, I could — but I’m just making myself hungry and besides, I have a mini deep dish pizza recipe to share with all y’all.

Mini deep dish pizza recipe is one that was inspired by Pinterest. Actually, this might be the exact recipe I found on Pinterest, but I didn’t bother clicking through and instead made my own. I had a couple people ask me about this when I posted it on my Facebook page and Instagram, so I’m sharing the mini deep dish pizza recipe. We all know deep dish pizza is super fattening, but this is slightly less so if you use low-fat ingredients.

Mini Deep Dish Pizza Recipe

You’ll need:

  • One can of mini butter biscuits (the kind with 10 in the can) or One can of Grands biscuits
  • Half cup of canned stewed tomatoes
  • two cups of part-skim mozzarella cheese
  • Ten turkey pepperoni (or regular pepperoni if you want)
  • Half cup of jarred pizza sauce
  •  Muffin tin
  • Cooking spray

Cut the biscuits in half (if you have a can with 10) or in quarters (if you have a can with 5.) Basically, you need about 20 small pieces of biscuit. Spray cooking spray into each of the muffin tin “holes” and plop the biscuit into the tin. The cooking spray I found made the crust a little crispier, like I like it.

Squish them around so they are more or less flat and use your thumb to make a little indention on the middle. This just helps keep the toppings where they should be.

Now it’s time to top ‘em. You can really use anything you want for this mini deep dish pizza recipe, just like a regular pizza. Although the tomatoes aren’t pictured, I wanted to use them to make the sauce a little more hearty, since I was dealing with more crust than a normal pizza. I used a tablespoon to spoon on my sauce and tomatoes (one tomato chunk on each biscuit), topped them with LOTS of cheese, and put one single pepperoni on top. Or a bunch. Do whatever you want with your toppings. I won’t judge. This is just my mini deep dish pizza recipe.

Pop in the oven and bake for about 12 – 15 minutes. You’ll need to bake them just a bit longer than the biscuit container calls for. Keep an eye on them and when the cheese starts getting brown, it’s time.

That’s the mini deep dish pizza recipe! This is the perfect low-cost appetizer dish for a crowd. Add some taco dip, some tater skins and some carrot sticks for the lame people, and you’ll be ready for a party!

mini pizza bites

What is your favorite appetizer?

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