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I like to post my outfit of the day (or OOTD for all you people who always wondered what OOTD means, like my husband) on Instagram daily, straight to you from the bathroom at the Health Science Center of the University of Florida. Mainly, I want to remember what I wore so I can repeat it, because Mommy brain has set in something harsh and also I’m tired. But also, I like to give inspiration to others who might be browsing their Instagram feeds looking for something to wear, sort of like how I get my ideas for cute Pinterest outfits.

Spoiler alert: I don’t have any style. Wait, that’s not true. I have some style. I’m learning. I know what looks good on me, but when it comes to the fine details of styling, I’m pretty lost. You can give a woman a Polyvore app, but you can’t make her learn if a particular outfit needs a skinny bracelet or a fat cuff bracelet, ya know?

Thank God for Pinterest, amiright? Man, the cute Pinterest outfits on there. We all have that board, right? “My Dream Closet.” “If I Had Style.” “Cute Clothes.” Mine is called “Fashion Show at Lunch”, although I”ve now branched out with “Boot Bonanza“, “Fall 2012 Fashion” and “Spring 2013 Fashion.”

Many pinners say, “there’s no way I could dress like that” and to them I say BALONEY! SURE YOU CAN COME UP WITH CUTE PINTEREST OUTFITS Because to me, it’s not so much about the actual pieces – I mean, yeah right I’m going to get anything on my OMG SHOES board or even half the things on my fashion boards — but about the colors, the accessories, the lines, the textures, the patterns, etc. You can replicate the outfits you see on Pinterest by shopping your own closet, thrifting,or ordering affordable accessories on eBay .

Tips for wearing Cute Pinterest Outfits

  • Download the Pinterest app for your smart phone and organize your boards so you can find outfits easily.
  • Find a piece in your closet that you want to base a cute pinterest outfit on.
  • Search on Pinterest for the color, pattern or type of piece. If it’s a blue cardigan, search “blue cardigan” or “blue cardigan outfit”.
  • Follow other style boards so you’ll always have great ideas.
  • Search Google images for similar outfits and pin them to your cute pinterest outfits pinboard — word of warning: make sure you go to the website where the picture is located BEFORE you pin, and as always, make sure you’re allowed to pin from the website.
  • If you don’t have the same pieces for your cute pinterest outfits, choose similar ones or use them in different ways. For example, if the outfit includes a yellow belt, wear a yellow necklace instead.
  • Wear what is comfortable for you. That’s the best part about cute pinterest outfits from your own closet — you won’t have to wear anything that’s out of your comfort zone, but you will learn to wear them in ways that are new to you.

Here are some of my recent cute pinterest outfits.




Source: via Amanda on Pinterest





This one was more of an homage than an exact replica of this cute pinterest outfit…and also, check out her blog! She has great affordable outfit ideas.

So those are my tips and tricks for finding cute pinterest outfit ideas. Of course, I’m always available to help you figure out what to wear in a pinch ;)

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