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I recently posted about losing almost 20 pounds in 2012. I did it with lifestyle changes, like eating high protein foods, whole grains and veggies, plus walking at least 30 minutes a day. What I didn’t tell you is that part of my diet included things like Doritos dipped in cream cheese, sopapilla cheesecake and Mrs. Smith Deep Dish Apple Pies. How, you ask? How could you lose weight and still eat thoses delicious things?

The answer? Splurge day.

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Here’s my philosophy: Life is too short to never eat foods you love. I love sweets. I love cheese. I love deep fried things. I love Alfredo sauce and cheesy bread. I love deep dish apple pies. If I told myself, “Self, you can never eat another deep dish apple pie again”, I’d never stay on my diet. I’ve ruined too many diets with that mentality. If you want a cookie, eat a cookie — just don’t eat 15 of them. Unless it’s your splurge day.

Once a week, I allow myself to eat anything I want in any quantity. Normally, I don’t go that far over my calorie count, so it isn’t detrimental to my diet, but in my mind I know if I can make it X days without splurging, I have one day I can eat anything.


Good thing Mrs. Smith’s Signature Deep Dish pies came into my life. I was slected to sample this new product from Mrs. Smith, and it was simply amazing. The pies come in four flavors: Dutch Apple with Caramel Sauce, Cherry with Butter Fudge Sauce, Peach with Cream Cheese Icing and Pumpkin with Cream Cheese Icing. They are available in the frozen food aisle (click here to see the retailers.

This pie was amazing. The apples were soft, but not overcooked. The crust was buttery and flaky and the topping had a sweet crunch. The pie is so easy to bake — stick it in the oven and bake, then top it with the included cinnamon streusel topping. After the pie baked, I drizzled warm caramel on top and we dug right in, although the instructions do say to wait 2 hours for the center to cool slightly. I have to say, it was almost sbetter that way…ooey gooey and sinfully good.

Williams Sonoma Giveaway and Apple Pie Coupon

I didn’t finish the whole pie that day, although six of us were sharing it. It warmed up really well, and for an extra boost of sweet, I added a little brown sugar to the top before I stuck it in the microwave. The sugar melted just enough to make it even better.

Look at this! It’s a little slice of caramel heaven. Add some vanilla ice cream and you’ve got yourself a treat.

Williams Sonoma Giveaway and Apple Pie Coupon

I can’t wait until Saturday to try the next yummy flavor — Peach with Cream Cheese Icing. If you haven’t noticed already, Saturday is my splurge day.

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$50 Williams Sonoma Giveaway

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