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Last week I told Sarah at The Sunday Spill, the new cohost of #iPPP that I’d only missed a couple weeks since the original hosts started it. I realized today that if I didn’t post something today I’d totally be a liar. Lying is mean and not nice and I’m trying to make friends over here, people, so here I am, posting randomly.

So here is a picture of my toddler.


We were at McDonalds where he ate french fries and orange soda for lunch. Don’t judge me. Don’t you dare judge me.

I have been moving away from the mommy blog scene for awhile now because my day is 90% all baby, all the time, so the 10% of the day when I can veg out and blog, I want it to be me. Call me selfish, but it is what it is. However, I realize that my son’s babyhood is essentially gone and his toddlerhood is flying by, and as we’re really, really bad about scrap and baby books, the blog might be the only thing that I can look back on and remember the little moments that make him special, and that fill my life with so much joy.

So, future me, when you’re looking through your archives this time next year, enjoy a few random tidbits about Luke at 26 months old.

Luke is talking quite a bit now. He knows almost all the animals we show him and what sounds they make, knows the cats names, knows his colors.

“Eh-yo” = Yellow

“Boo” = blue

“Geen” = green

“red” = red

“pin-kuh” = pink

“aye-in” = lion

“igar” = tiger

“eye-sore” = dinosaur

“Oooshi” = Sushi (our cat)

“To” = Cheeto (our other cat)

“ep-ah” = Pepper (our other cat)

“icky” = Mickey

“isney” = Disney

He likes to say hi to everyone….people…cars…trees (TEE!)..the cats…strangers in the grocery store. He is super polite, saying please (peas) and Thank You (ank ewe) without us asking for it. He’s obsessed with dinosaurs lately and we’re not sure where it came from, other than the dinosaur on his pjs. Luke loves to let the dog out from her crate when we come in. He runs into our bedroom, opens the door and says “get go” (there ya go.) It’s too stinking cute.

This morning he yelled at the sun to go away because it was too bright in his face.

Lately, he’s been really good at giving kisses — and asking for kisses when he has a boo boo. We actually trick him into giving them to us by saying, “Oh, Luke, it’s so sad….MY CHEEK HURTS!”

He loves his Grammie and Gramps, my parents, who just moved here last spring. Luke says their name with one syllable — Gamiegampsssss — and asks to see them, wants to ride in the car with them when they are around….so on. Typical grandma grandpa stuff, y’all.

He’s looking more and more like a little boy and less like a baby. He’s tall for his age (so we’re told) and he’s fianlly getting hair….right? After 2 years of life? I have some hair he can borrow if he wants.

So that’s my snapshot. Hope life is good for you, Future Amanda. Enjoy your little cowboy and just remember — there’s nothing wrong with a little orange soda now and then.

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