How to fix nail polish chips with nail polish remover

 One upon a time, I got the Essie Winter collection called Leading Lady. It includes gorgeous shades like Leading Lady (a dark red jelly with glitter),  Beyond Cozy (silver microglitter), Where’s my Chauffer (a light teal creme) (as well as a question I ask myself every day) and Snap Happy (an orange-red creme). For some reason, this collection was inspired by Kate Middleton. I honestly don’t know why, other than the names? But anyway. I used each color and loved them all, except Leading Lady chipped like no tomorrow and I didn’t know how to fix nail polish chips. The first time I tried Snap Happy, I wore it as a base for my China Glaze Pure Joy, but a couple weeks ago Snap Happy called to me again and I put it on my fingers and toes. It made me happy. Snap Happy, you might say.

essie snap happy swatch

As you may recall if you read the blog, I never used to wear nail polish on my fingers because it chipped too easily and I don’t have time for that mess (so I thought.) They never looked quite as good touched up as they did freshly polished. I read an article somewhere about how to fix nail polish chips and I was all, “ain’t no way that will work, not in a million years.” When Snap Happy chipped (and I became Snap Unhappy tee hee) I decided to try it out. Lo and behold, magic.

Here are the steps:

How To Fix Nail Polish Chips

how to fix nail polish chips

You’ll need regular nail polish remover (non acetone), a cotton ball, your original polish and a top coat if you’re into that kind of thing (I am, and I used Seche Vite fast dry topcoat.)

how to fix nail polish chips

What we have here are some really sad, pitiful chipped fingers. Not Snap Happy at all.

how to fix nail polish chips

The first step in how to fix nail polish chips: Put a little nail polish remover on your cotton ball — not enough to soak, just enough to make the cotton ball moist. Gently rub the cotton ball with nail polish remover over the chipped area. I SAID GENTLY. If you rub too hard (or if you’re using acetone remover, I can’t stress that enough) you’ll remove the polish from your whole nail. Rub until the “ridge” is gone from the chip — the polish should be dull and more even with your natural nail. Now you’re finished with step one of how to fix nail polish chips.

how to fix nail polish chips

The next step in how to fix nail polish chips: Brush the polish over the chipped area. If your polish is thin, you might want to dab a bit on the chipped area and then add another coat to the entire nail. Finish it off with top coat. I would recommend the top coat because it will even out the polish. After it dries, the chip won’t be noticeable at all. GENIUS!

Now that you know how to fix nail polish chips, you can extend the life of your DIY manicure and rock gorgeous nail color more often!

What is your most helpful manicure tip?

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