It’s Blogworthy 2012 Roundup

You guys, how did 2012 go so quickly? My mind, she is boggled. Only a few more hours until we say goodbye to the old year and welcome 2013 with incredibly high expectations that will never be met, thus facilitating our decline into winter depression. HAHA J/K LOLZ.

New Year's baby ready to party

New Year’s baby ready to party

This year has been a quite lovely one for me and my family. We had fun trips, great memories and it’s been a huge blessing watching  Luke grow, learn and change.

Oh, and I lost, like, close to 20 pounds. Yeah, I sure did.

That first one is me on Luke’s first birthday and the second is me around the same time a year later. I didn’t do anything drastic — cut my calories, ate high protein foods and whole grains, cut my portions and walked. Sometimes I ran, but not very often. For one hot minute, I was getting up early to run on the treadmill, but unfortunately that lasted until my treadmill turned back into a closet. I am hoping to keep it going in the new year.

It’s been a good blog year, too. I finally got into a groove that works for me and have found a passion for writing again. To celebrate, here are some of my favorite memories of 2012 from the bloggy-world….set off for a trip down memory lane with yours truly.

Beyonce fake gave birth and I wrote about all the reasons I think she faked her pregnancy

My Celebrity Roundup became a Kardashian Free Zone and celebrated it’s first birthday

I made you think more about old peoples’ love lives than you ever thought you would

Baby’s first Disney trip!

 I urged the world to stop pretending Miss Piggy is a real person

 I wrote about the empathy I have for new mamas; we’ve all been there and we’ll all get through it

Friday the 13th struck back, and I showed you my “disappointed, not angry” face 

 I created my first refashion tutorial — the easy tank dress

 I celebrated the joys of mamahood on my second Mother’s Day

 I created a list of reasons I’d quit blogging, and realized I never will

I plotted revenge on my sweet little boy for all the things he’s done (for instance, throwing soup on me because he doesn’t want to eat it)(oh wait, that was today)

 Luke self-weaned from breastfeeding after 19 months

 Pinterest jumped the shark

Luke was Charlie Brown for Christmas and I sewed my first kids costume

We dropped the paci

Advertising a garage sale has never been so much fun

 We had the best Christmas ever

Happy New Year, folks! Make 2013 the best it can be.

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