Cute cold weather outfit ideas

Sometimes it gets cold in Florida.

Like, this morning it was 44 degrees!

(Of course, it will get up to 70 today but nevermind that.)

Sometimes a girl feels like bundling up. Or “bundling up” as we like to say in Florida. Sometimes she’s looking for cute cold weather outfit ideas.

It’s difficult for me to find cute cold weather outfit ideas that are appropriate for cool temps in the morning and hotter than blue blazes by the mid-afternoon, so for other Floridians or members or warm-winter areas, here are some cute cold weather outfit ideas that I’ve dreamed up in the past couple weeks during this “cold snap.” Also where to get pieces just like what I have!



Black blazer, tan pants and Charming Charlie necklace (here is one similar.)


Tan blazer, pink blouse, tan skinny belt ($7.00), faux pearls ($18.00).


Brown cardigan ($8.50), cream ruffled tank top, brown pearl necklace (bracelet, necklace & earring set, $12.99), brown braided belt ($9.99), brown boots. Brown, Brown, Brown.


Pink scoop neck sweater ($15.00), cream scarf (one like this for $3.50!)


Black and cream day! Leopard scarf ($3.86!) and long sleeved black shirt ($9.99)


Brown cardigan ($8.50) floral tank top ($14.99) (Later I added a beaded necklace in dark brown and cream, like this one for $19.99 for a necklace and earring set!)

How do you dress when it’s cold outside?

I was in no way compensated for this post, but I am an Amazon affiliate. I picked all these links out just for you! If you like what you see, click over and grab that deal!

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